Positional Pins and Needles

Hi all, Just a quick question without going into too much of my back story. I’ve had concerns of MS for a while now but things have been easier since being to a neurologist earlier this year a few times who is confident I don’t have it. My concern is although most symptoms could be explained by anxiety, the pins and needles I get don’t fit into that category at all. For example, I get pins and needles in my feet almost every time I cross my legs or in my hands when I lay on my side with my head resting in my hand. Even leaning back in my chair can bring on the feeling in my feet. Now I’ve had a couple MRIs that showed nothing but I can’t help but feel I should go back to the docs for this reason. Has anyone experienced this sort of thing before? Any opinion would be appreciated!

Also I’ll add that the feeling goes away pretty much as soon as I change positions or stand up. Very weird.

hi david

see your GP about this.

it could be your circulation and fixable and if not at least it will get onto your medical records.

carole x

Thanks Carole. Hopefully its as simple as a circulation issue but I’ve got a weird feeling about it.