Advice Please

Hi i am new here I stumbled across this great forum whilst trying to gather info to help me with symptoms i belive may be being caused by MS?? For almost 20 years I have suffered painful pins and needles in my feet, legs, arms and hands. They are sickeningly painful. My GP on two ocassions sent me to hospital saying I had DVT in my legs but this was not the case. I was also sent to see an arthritis specialist as I have Ulcer Colitis but arthritis was negative. I have learned to live with it up until this last month were my feet and legs vibrate in bed each morning and the pins and needles are so painful. My arms feel like someone is grabbing them hard and the 2 second striking pain i have down the side of my head is coming more often. I also have experienced electric like flashes down my neck where I thought I was about to be paralised for a spit second. My ankles feel like soneone has taken a hammer and smashed both of them. My GP just says this is due to over pronation of my feet?? I had a nerve study test last week. The doctor could not give me result but said he saw nothing to worry about? Im so worried about my health. Have i got MS? Thank you

hi pinny

you should leave ms out of it and concentrate on your nasty symptoms.

maybe an orthotic could help.

sort out this symptom and then get back to chasing a diagnosis.

carole x


If the doctor last week did a nerve conduction test, then it sounds like you are or have been tested for things which could be causing your symptoms.

If the doctor is just saying, ‘oh there’s no problem’ and leaving you to get on with things, then perhaps you need to go back to your GP and ask for more help. Take notes (just as you’ve written to us) with you so you can explain all the things you’re worried about.

It does sound like you need to get something sorted, maybe Orthotics as Carole suggested might help your ankles. An orthotic device is something that places your foot and ankle (or whatever other part of your limbs is doing the wrong thing) into the correct position. They can be made of a variety of materials, from stiffened nylon type stuff to plastic, to steel and plastic. Your GP should be able to refer you to the hospitals Orthotics department if they agree that is what you need.

If you can get one thing sorted, then you can concentrate if what is causing the rest of your symptoms. If you’ve already been referred to a neurologist, then they can perhaps do some more tests to find out what is causing your pins and needles etc. I agree with Carole, forget about wondering if it’s MS. Think about your symptoms and let the doctors worry about a diagnosis. Otherwise you are slotting your symptoms into a diagnosis and really it should be the other way round. Ie, let the doctors look at your symptoms, do whatever tests are needed and then sort out what might be causing them.


Thank you both for replying. I apreciate your advice. Pinny x