Pins and Needles

Hi all,

I am just wondering when anyone experiences pins and needles. I seem to experience them when i have been sitting for long periods or in awkwards position and not just out of blue when walking or doing anything else. I’m just looking to find out if what is happening to me is something more serious.


Morning Anon x I tend to get a mixture of both!

I get random pins & needles in my left leg, foot & thigh ‘out of the blue’

But since I’ve been ill I’ve also noticed I get them a lot more wherever there is pressure - For instance I used to wake up with really bad numbness & pins & needles in the arm/leg/side I was lying on - now I get it on the side I’m NOT lying on too!

Also the type of pins & needles varies! In my toes & foot I get what I can only describe as ‘ordinary’ tickly & prickly sensations but in my thighs I get ones that are hot and burning and much more painful.

I also get more painful ones down & accross my upper spine and ones I call ‘flea bites’ as they are more singular & more spread out and actually feel sharp enough to feel like something is biting me!!

Very odd things aren’t they! xxxjenxxx

Fake pins & needles are one of the most common sensory symptom of MS. Real ones are not a symptom of MS, as far as I know. I would imagine that both occur in lots of conditions though.

I don’t know if it’s the case for everyone, but my real and fake pins & needles feel completely different to each other.

Karen x

Waa haa Karen! You make things so much clearer! That’s exactly what I was trying to say and you have said it in just a couple of simple sentences!

Methinks I’m a born waffler!