Pins and needles?

Hi all When you get pins and needles do they go off after a while or carry on indefinitely? When I get them they go off after a short time especially in my tongue, but I was told this is not normal for MS. Jaycie X

Hi There, pins and needles can come anywhere, similarly with numbness, it can get worse, seem to spread although neuro says it doesnt. Burning, itching, weird electric shocks etc. Expect anything then youll not go wrong. Hope yours soon settle down. Take care, bren xxx

I guess it depends what you mean by a “short” time. How long sensory things last varies for me. Normal pins & needles are different to the kind of sensory things I get from my MS. I get tingling, buzzing, burning, freezing, an occasional itchy nose and a feeling like my insides are bubbling, but I’ve never had pins & needles like normal ones. When I’ve had something similar, it’s been much more intense and more painful. Thankfully it hasn’t stuck around too long (hours instead of days). Burning is always worse in the evening & night and I get that when I’m not relapsing too. It can last anything from maybe 30 minutes to many hours. Freezing tends not to last as long. The itching is the tip of my nose and it tends to last several hours. If I am relapsing, any tingling or buzzing tends to be constant, but more noticeable in the evening. The bubbling feeling is a weird one. It tends to signal the start of my body twitching - like all the nerves have become overactive and the twitch “discharges” them. Someone will else will probably tell you the complete opposite of this though - MS is nothing if not unpredictable! Karen x

Hi Jaycie My MS Nurse told me if pins and needles come and go it is a good sign and that they will probably dissappear altogether. I haven’t had that luck as i have had pins and neeedles constantly for about 12 months. Take care Kaz

Hi Kaz I am sorry that you have had them constantly, I agree that I am lucky in a lot of respects. But I was told that it is not normal to have pins and needles that come and go when you have MS and that is what I am trying to find out. take care Jaycie