ms or not? help please

Hi all

Just need some help to see if anyone has had these symptoms or whether its gor nothing at all to do with ms.

I have woken up this morning and my right hand has pins & needles sensation, and when I put any kind of pressure on my hand I get an excrutiating pain up my fingers. it hurts if I clentch my fist, pick anything up, reach for anything, or lean on my hand.

Many help much appreciated,

Thanks Andrea xx

Hi Andrea

What you describe sounds a lot like me about two-three years after Dx. Seems to me that there are a number of odd pains that come and go. Some are easy to identify (like Trigeminal Neuralgia), and most of them only last a few weeks or less ( I still get a pain in an elbow joint that comes and goes - at random intervals).

The advice - as always - is to contact your MS Nurse if you are in any way worried, and certainly if the symptoms do not go away. How long you put up with them is up to you - but a phone call or e-mail will either put your mind at rest, or flag up something that needs attention.


Hi Andrea, I get that sometimes and is very painful… but the strange thing is that mine disappears entirely after about 24 hours.

On one day my hand and wrist are so painful I have to make a sling and even a tiny movement of one finger is extremely painful… and constant pins and needles.

Wake up next morning and completely gone!

I used to get this occasionally (every few months) for a few years before other MS symptoms sent me off to the doctor.

Hope that yours follows the same remarkable pattern… and yes, I would say it’s MS causing it.

Pat x