Is it just me or MS??

I’ve been getting them for a few years now, but it’s be just now and again through the day (and night) but it’s all the time now…

Do you guys ever get the sharp, unbelieveable pains in your joints…can run down my arms and esp my calves? Like a knife going in. Sometimes I can hold my breath until it passes, then a few seconds later it returns, then passes, then returns and so on. If I try to hold anything esp a pen, cant even write a Birthday card out and have to stop for the pain in my wrist, hand and forearm. ??

The pains wake me all night, then I can’t get back to sleep, then spend the day unable to keep my eyes open. My life’s just going in circles with this now.

Also memory isn’t working too well. I can not remeber peoples faces. If I see them where I know them from ie doctor in surgery, friends mum at the school etc I’m not too bad, but if they’re in the wrong places where I know them from I just go blank. If I write on pc I miss words out. If I read back what I’ve wrote I’ve missed tons of small words ie the, and, if, you, etc. I keep forgetting numbers and as a previous accounts worker, now cant recall a phone number…and so on?? Is that MS?

Thanks x

Hi Diane

You just described my life! I also have the pain in my joints, quite often feel many years older than i am. It is worse for me at night too, think maybe as we can focus on them more maybe? I would speak to your MS nurse or GP and ask for some medication to try and help. There are lots of different things that can help, Preagablin, gabapentin,amitriptyline etc… There is no need to suffer through - esp if it’s effecting your sleep.

Also the cog-fog as i call it is very simmilar to me, i seem to spell the wrong words all the time, instead of hurt i will write heart etc. I have already edited the spelling on this post about 3 times!Also know what you mean about the pen, it’s like my hand goes all floppy :frowning: I can’t say 100% that it’s MS as i am not a neuro, but i think it’s likely. I always make sure i keep a list of my symptoms to keep nurse/neuro up to date with whats happening and also so i dont forget myself!

Ok make that 33 edits! Hope you can get the pain under control soon.

Thanks hun,

Yes I’ve tried amitriptyline, I was on a really high dose but apart from putting on a lot of weight it didn’t help and Im on morphine for the pain (MST of a night) and a lot of gabapentin. My neuro told me to take as much gabapentin until I felt symptoms, so when I began palpatation I cut down. I get horrid pins and needles all over and like cold sweats too. Its like the beginning of a flu, but all the time then I get the spasms. I feel the need to tightn my body, pullin my arms in and well squeezing all over, then I stop, but the urge to do it again comes back and its a constant fight with myself. Do you get that? I’ve been dx for 14 years now and its coming thick and fast. I try to keep busy and that helps, but then by going throuh the pain and forcing myself, I then pay…why do we have to go through this. Yea me too with the edits. Its just getting worse and worse. My memory was amazing, but not any more.

The pains are unreal aren’t they. I can move around (good day) but my foot was hurting bad the other day, next thing I took my slipper off only to find there was some broken glass…just shows the pain we go through and have to put up with, to mistake that. I find when I sit still it all hurts more? But then there are days I simply cant stand up and support my own weight.

We have good, average, ok, bad, terrible, bed ridden and unconsious days (sleep for 2 days straight and wake tired)

I have a long list when I do see my neuro and shes lovely but I get the constant “yep MS to be expected” just wish by now they had some sort of cure. I’d give anything to feel OK and get back to work,. be normal etc. But hey we all would. Thanks for the understanding, Its good to know I’m not going mad or alone xx