Can anyone give me some insight?.........please :-)

Good morning, After a bad few weeks of varied symptoms, but dizziness and fatigue being the two more constant and debilitating for the most part, I have woken today, and every joint seems to hurt. My neck started at weekend, and it feels lumpy as though in spasm. But today, my wrists, fingers, shoulders and knees all feel like they won’t move properly as well. So much so, that driving is a complete no no. Ths is a new one on me, and wonder if this is part and parcel of this ‘generous’ problem that is MS…it just keeps on giving…more problems :-/ Can anyone out there relate?

Hi Anon,

Yes i can sympathise with this big time! I have horrible pains in all my joints and feel im much older than i am!

I mentioned it to my GP who pescribed Preagablin for nerve pain, it has taken the edge off the pain.

I think there are a few other meds avaliable that somebody else could advise on?

It’s definitley worth mentioning to your GP or MS Nurse if you have one as you should not need to suffer on in pain, esp if it’s affecting your life to the point you can’t drive.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Laura x

Thanks laura, I am taking gabapentin, but it doesn’t seem to be touching it, although, I only started at the weekend, so I guess they need to build up in my system. I am in agony today and with far too much that needs doing. Guess those things will need to slide for yet another day. Thanks for your response, you have my complete empathy xxx

By the way, I must have clicked on anon by accident, lol. Sam xxx

Yes they do take a while to start working - took me about 3 months before i noticed the difference if i’m honest.

Try to stick with it and if nothing improves go back and look to increase your dosage or maybe switch meds?

Also my MS nurse has referred to me to a Neuro-Physio which she thinks might help to alleviate some symptoms or at the very least learn to cope with pains better! I have not started yet but will let you know how i get on, maybe this is something that could help you too?

Try not to worry about the things that need doing, just do what you can.

Laura x

I will do, Thanks Laura! I will mention the neurophysio when I go back in a few weeks. Take care. Sam xxx