Pins and needles.... ongoing!

Hi All

Just wondered if anyone else suffered with this… started 6 weeks ago in my hands and feet… now I’m getting the odd tingle in my face also… tends to go away a bit overnight… but comes on through the day… by lunch time its quite bad…

can’t find anything to stop it… tried b12 etc… is this typical MS… thanks

Dear All. I was hoping that you would get some answers here. I had a very stressful day at work and by lunchtime I had pins and needles in my face. This is new. I already had them in my fingers. I am trying to rest them away?

well its gone a bit mad today… hands feet lower arms, lower legs as before… but all over my head, lips, even eyes i think, ears… also on my back… my wife once had chicken-pox… and she says it sounds like that… just didn’t go on for 6 weeks LOL

also did 30 mins of very woozy…not thinking straight, cheeks felt cold… and pressure behind the eyes???.. what’s happening

Just read these post and have something weird to add. last september when my issues started (of which I had about 30) something happened which even now I dont get…

All the ms syptoms happen because of demylienation in ours brains, which is fine I get that part, but. I like to do abit of gyming etc and at the time I felt ok nothing to serious going on. I was using the dip bars (Google if not sure) and had just finished a set of ten wide arm dips, got off the machine and started to walk off. As I started to walk my right arm suddenly started to get pins and needles and it got really intense, just kept building and building. At this point I was extremely scared, like time to call an ambulance scared. At its worst point my entire arm felt like it was going to burst and I was nearly crying with fear. Like when you sleep on an arm it had gone completely dead and didnt work at all, hand included. I stsrted passing around trying to not look a tool when I could feel the arm coming around again. Within 5 mins it was back to normal, it was the single most bizarre thing to date and I still dont get why a mechanical action would have such a profound effect.

I still get my dizzy spell from time to time, ive found protien powder in milkshake form helps after a few days, dont know why but it seemed to help when I had quite bad lightheadedness., Hot foot still comes and goes. Really faint face tingle had that 5 months so far between my ear and left eye is staying stable.

Ive had tingling left leg ( left knee still does 9 months) under carriage, sphincter, lower back, back of neck, right arm, anyway big list…nothing seems to get rid of tingles but ive found confusing the signal helps abit by using bandages or plasters. Excerise is a really good one give youself a good thrashing. But might make tingles worse. Makes bad heads better.

Stress will flare it right up, deep breaths


yes… just back from gym… had to stop running as abs weak now and everything felt like it was falling out and pulling on my lungs LOL… so do 10K on the bike level 13… sweat loads these days… but most tingles gone right now… see when they come back… but for me, i get it all over… i could understand a leg… or arm… or neck even… but everywhere at the same time?.. how can that be down to demylienation?.. unless that is everywhere at the same time, same stage??

What stage are you, im guessing you dont have ms? Could be Shingles type thing all over body sounds extreme and very unlike ms? Sounds virusey…

How is it today?


tell your gp about these symptoms because it will then be entered on your medical records.

if you have a neurologist or ms nurse tell them also.

if you are not yet diagnosed this may swing the balance for you.

carole x

May be not?.. but things have been going on for years now… about 4 years ago I split my Abs into 2 x 3 packs… has not bothered me for 3.5 years but now, my Abs appear to have melted away and everything is moving / loose???.. It’s all very strange, but is giving me pain and impacting on my breathing… But it goes hand in hand with general weakness I’m seeing… Got to say that I don’t think this fits the MS typical symptoms as again its all over… or even targeting weak points?.. back now in pain as that is clicking all the time… and just so tired… CFS / ME may be… but Doc did say it sounded more MS?.. will have to change Doc’s and see what another one says… Nothing from MRI or nerve tests?.. Back to see the neuro is October !!

That is great advice, I haven’t another appointment with my Neurologist until the end of August but I sent an email when my face and feet started playing up again last week. When you go in and see them all you mean to say goes out of your head and when you get home it’s I should have told them this and that.