Hi wonder if anyone can help me. I’m 39 and had a few months of not being well. My latest was an inner ear infection that lasted 8 weeks. I got fed up and went for accapuncture to help it. That was seven weeks ago and since then I have had a really bad time. I started with pins and needles all over my body one night. The next day I woke and my arms and legs felt like jelly. Later that day my legs started to twitch and spasm. This carried on for weeks. It’s not happening as bad now but I’m on medication so this maybe the reason. Over the past seven weeks I have experienced pins and needles mainly in my Hans and feet. This is now on a daily basis. I’ve had patches of skin go chilly, I’ve had creepy crawly feelings, electric shock sensations mainly in my toes. Today I have woken to a numb patch on my left arm. I had a brain scan that came back normal and I have had an appointment with a neurologist. He was quite a friendly man, however he put all my problems down to the fact that I am anxious, even though I believe I didn’t get anxious until all this started. I am really frightened at the moment and I can’t function. I don’t believe anxiety can cause a numb patch on my arm. I’m currently taking lyrica just at night and that helps me sleep but I can’t function in the day. Also I would like to know that if this is ms would the spasms and then this numb patch all be relapses? Because if they are then I’m not getting a break and I’m scRed I have the worst form of the disease. Hope someone can help me I am so frightened. I have 2 children and am on my own and can’t function properly. Thanks hope someone can help me

Hi, with a clear Mri scan ms is unlikely. Please get your b12 vitamin level checked. If you are Getting pins and needles in both hands and feet at thsame time then ms is also unlikely. Try not to worry. Moyna

Hi thanks for replying. I had my vitamin b12 done prior to the neurologist appointment. I also have pins and needles in both hands and burning. I’m so scared and depressed about it all at the moment and have convinced myself I have ms x

You poor thing!

It doesn’t sound likely that all this can be caused by anxiety. However, as people have said if it was MS it’s likely to show up in a brain scan, although I have read about people who don’t get diagnosed for quite a while because the lesions didn’t show up at first. However it seems more likley to something else altogether. If you haven’t already, perhaps look up Functional Neurological Disorder. It could be a possibility. I have also read about people that have Vitamin B asorbtion problems, which doesn’t show up in the blood. You could try a Vitamin B12 mouth spray.

Only other things I can think of is Lupus and Lymes disease. Presume you have been checked out for both?

It might be worth trying a different GP/Neuro for a second opinion, because I think just being fobbed off with anxiety isn’t right. Doing these steps may make you feel more in control.

I hope I helped in some small way.


Hi and thank you. I haven’t had the other blood tests done. I’m due to go back in 8 weeks as he put me on anti anxiety meds and anti depressants so I’m guessing he wants to see how things are once I calm down a bit. I did phone the hospital today and spoke to another secretary. She assured me that the número I am under is a specialist in ms etc and that I’m in the best possible hands. I also emailed the secretary of the neurologist I’m under. I will look at the other neurological diseases. At the moment I have been totally obsessed with ms and have spent practically every minute of the day googling about it. In fact I’ve made myself really unwell over it all, thanks for the replies x

I will also try the vitamin b mouth spray x


I’ve totally been in your shoes (not yet diagnosed). I had anxiety issues about a year ago when symptoms started. My youngest sister has MS and when we visited last year, she told me my symptoms were similar to hers before she was diagnosed…I had just chalked the symptoms up to Fibro, with which I was diagnosed about 10 years ago; but at the same time, the symptoms were not at all like anything I’d been through yet.

So, I went out on the net and did exhaustive research, which also gave me some anxiety along with the fact the the neuro I saw dismissed my concern about MS (my brain MRI was clear) and followed the route of sleep disorder b/c I was so fatigued.

In the meantime, I’ve not gone back to that neuro, have upcoming appt with different neuro, and have experienced all sorts of new and different symptoms. After going this long with unusual and changing symptoms, I no longer have mental anxiety over the different things I go through, but I did experience some serious physical

Thanks for that. I’ve emailed my neurologist to say I’m not happy. I have spoken to someone at ms uk which is based near me and she knows of my neurologist and says he is good, so hopefully he will start to take me seriously and help me out. I hope you get to the bottom of all the things happening to you as well. It has scared the hell out of me. I know that I have to now focus on coping better with it all as well x