So scared

Hi everyone,

I’m a 30 year old female, and I’m terrified that I might have MS.

I went to the doctors a week ago after suffering from burning pain in my forearms on and off for a couple of months. He didn’t think it sounded like MS and ordered a load of blood tests (still waiting for results). However since then I’ve been getting pins and needles in my hands and face. Does this seem suspicious to you? I’m not suffering from fatigue or eye problems which from what I’ve read are common symptoms. I’ve literally gone into panic mode though and every tingle or pain makes me think it is more likely to be MS. I’m sure I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy recently too but then I question if my mind is playing tricks on me.

Hi JC,

Slow down, your letting your mind run away with itself. Your symptoms could be any number of problems. You are crazy to potentially put MS on yourself with no evidence.

It can take years of tests, other disorder elimination and gathering of evidence by a neurologist to actually get a diagnosis of MS.

Theres no point in stressing and thinking its MS, theres so many other things it can be. All it sounds like to me is that your GP is going down a process of elimination before referring you an appropriate specialist.

Relax, enjoy life and don’t live under a paranoid cloud, its very destructive. Good luck with your GP and keep going back and ask to see a specialist if symptoms persist. It could be something and nothing.

All the best


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Thanks for your reply Nikki, it’s what I needed to hear. Had so much facial and hand tingling today I’ve sent myself loopy with worry, which is probably only making it worse. Wish I could blame a pinched nerve or something but it’s not isolated to one side/area. Anyway thanks again for your message.

Hi Jc85

my first symptom was a tingling right foot.

after 6 weeks i started to worry and saw my gp.

he gave me thiamine tablets and the tingling went away.

thiamine is one of the B vitamins so ask your gp to get your blood checked for any deficiencies.

vit B and vit D3 deficiencies can cause weird symptoms and they are easily rectified.

try not to worry because stress makes everything worse.

carole x

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So I’ve had my blood results back and everything is within normal range (B12 on the lower side but still within acceptable range). Bit gutted as I was really hoping it would be something simple like a vitamin deficiency. The tingling continues… So not guess I’ll return to the doctor…


Like you, I began with symptoms that scared me silly. But try not to convince yourself this is MS…it could be a number of things eg a trapped nerve or palsy…which could be successfully treated, go away and never bother you again.

My mind works overtime, as your`s does and we can lead ourselves down a long, but wrong, path.

Let the doc delve…

luv Pollx

So I’m really struggling to control my anxiety that I might have MS or even worse a brain tumour. The tingling in my hands, feet and face is still happening, and now I feel like my left eye is more blurry than usual. My hearing feels funny too. The tingling/burning in my arms is exacerbated in times of stress. My family are trying to convince me this is anxiety related but I am not imagining this. The worry is taking over my life :frowning: Could it be anxiety??


It could indeed be anxiety, because “anxiety-related” does not mean: “imaginary”.

The mind has very powerful control over the body, and can create REAL symptoms. So an anxious person may not just imagine symptoms, but actually have them.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you, as the patient, can tell whether your symptoms are anxiety-related, or due to a real physical malfunction. Anxiety would be one of the many causes investigating doctors have to try to rule out.

“I know I’m not imagining it” is unfortunately no predictor, because genuine anxiety sufferers aren’t. Their symptoms are just as real, but the causes different.


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Please try not to stress, So many things can cause tingling, The brain is a mysterious beast, I woke one day and my legs stopped working, 4 years in and still in limbo land undiagnosed, like you I am 30 (well will be on Saturday) and I used to cycle 18 miles a day. Now I cant get on a bike.

I can walk most days always in pain and have a wheelchair on route which is scary and a huge step of accepting I even have a problem.

Anxiety makes things worse, sounds you, like me have an over active brain :slight_smile: it doesnt stop, but dont use Dr Google or try to self diagnose, just keep going back o your GP and ask for a 2nd opinion if you didnt like the first neuro you saw.

Most important thing is really dont get carried away with any of it, life is too short to worry about what might be’s so keep going back and see what they say, stay possitive and in control.

Good luck

Thanks for your replies. I went back to te GP today. I did my usual trick of downplaying my symptoms and saying things like ‘maybe it’s just anxiety’… So long story short the doc thinks it is just anxiety… I guess I’m glad he’s not worried but also feel like time will tell. I do over analyse every feeling and sensation in my body. But I also believe I am quite in tune with my body and notice subtle things others may ignore. Will just have to adopt a wait and see approach I guess… (And pray it’s not a brain tumour!)