Suspecting MS and scared


I am sure these sorts of posts are common on here but I am in need of some support/ empathy. In the past month I have been experiencing a weird array of symptoms (brain fog, slightly odd vision, dizziness and now tingling in my fingers and my tongue). I have been to the doctors several times with some differeing symptomy, including suspected anxiety, however, it has only been in the last few days (when I have calmed down) that I am thinking along the lines of MS.

I don’t really know what sort of a response I am looking for (advice or emotional support perhaps) but I just need to get some of these worries of my chest.


Has your Dr done blood tests to rule out things like, thyroid problems, anaemia etc? This is where my started. As I was having weakness and pins ans needles in my hands, dropping stuff, they thought carpel tunnel, I got a wrist splint, then had a nerve conduction study. This was clear. I then went to see rheumatologist, who found I had Raynards- a circulation problem, but thought some thing else was wrong, so sent me to a Neurogist. How are your eyes? If you are having any problems go see a good optician. I am now 7 months down the line and have had a clear MRI, so still playing a waiting game, but Dr has been able to give some medication to help my symptoms. If I were you I would write a list of symptons, worst at top and go back to Dr, as Jack Osbourne has been in the news recently, lots of people have MS in there minds, so might not be best to mention MS. Ask for blood tests and see what happens. My Drbsaid my blood tests showed something Auto immune was going on, but did not know what, so reffered me to Rheuamatologist. I try and take it a day at a time, rest when you can. Take care, hope you get some answers soon

Hi Apple,

I had some bloods taken recently because I was admitted to hospital with a very fast pulse (and in retrospect lightheadedness). They all came back negative, including Thyroid function. I have also had dodgy sight for the last few weeks and went to the optician last weekend. They said I had healthy eyes (so no swollen optic nerve). Right now I feel like I am having a terrible flare up though. I had pins and needles in my hands and tongue this morning but now i feel much dizzier and have them over my whole back. I am pretty scared tbh. Am at work and away from home so not sure what to do? Is it sensible to try the local hospital?

Hi richard I am in a similar position, I have ME but have new symptoms that made me think MS too, read my feed on here titled ME or MS? as im afriad im having a bad day and cant type it out agian. The hospital probably isnt the best course unless you think you need immediate medical attention, there is little they will be able to do in the long term without a doctors referral so will patch you up and send you packing unless they can see domething that they can fox then and there, or they will tell you to see your doctor and go from there. Since your away from home most places in the uk have a medical drop in centre that work the out of hours but also for people who are away from home, if you are concerned and want to see someone before you go home look up out of ours and walk in clincs in the area. If you are really worried then see if you can take some time off go home and see your regualr gp, if your working away long term in the same place then maybe its worth while you registering woth a doctor there.

Wish I could be of more help.


Hi Japheree,

I am in a similar situation, I went to my Dr with similar symptoms to you, I initially felt silly as I hadn’t got a clue what was wrong me or that the things going on were not in my head. My Dr advised it sounded like M.S, sent me for blood test, there was some abnormalities but not that my Dr was alarmed at. I’ve had a CT scan which came back thankfully clear. I have been referred to the Neurologist and hope to have an explanation as to what is happening to me or to have a diagnosis. My Dr is still going along with M.S - I am worried. I’ve been through the run of the mill the last 3 years; finally get my life back on track and now this. The diagnosis I can deal with but it is the symptoms I cannot. As time goes by I am getting more and more frustrated with them, some days I can cope and other days I struggle. I have tried to shrug this off, carry on regardless, my partner who is being very supportive, has made me realise this is not going to go away. I sometimes get pins and needles in my top lip and tongue - bit like after having a local anesthetic wearing off from having treatment at the dentist and amongst other things, I try to stay calm as I noticed the more anxious or stressed out I get the worse my symptoms are.

I am not the best to give advice, just wanted to speak out.

Hi Richard,

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling the best. The trip to hospital recently with the rapid pulse, the tingling in your fingers and tongue, light-headedness and dizziness and the worry that something serious in wrong could also be a panic attack or anxiety attack. Please don’t be offended by my saying this. A lot of people see anxiety as a very dismissive suggestion but it is actually a very real illness and you should investigate that possibility too.

In an anxiety or panic attack rapid breathing means we get our CO2 and Oxygen exchange mucked by rapid breathing. This will make parts of the body feel numb and tingly due to the lack of oxygen, we can feel dizzy or even faint, and our heart rate will go up to try and pump more oxygen around the body. When our heart rate goes up though it kicks off the anxiety centre in the brain and releases more adrenalin and so we will start to feel more anxious and so our breathing may become more rapid and so it can become a vicious cycle. One of the other symptoms is that due to the increase in the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol our minds start trying to find a reason for feeling this bad and so a typical symptom of a panic disorder is a feeling that something terrible is about to happen or that something is seriously wrong with one, such as a heart attack, MS, cancer etc.

I am not saying it IS an anxiety or panic attack. I am not a doctor. I am just suggesting it is another very plausible possibility. Which also has the benefit of being a lot easier to manage and cure :slight_smile: Can you go back to your GP and talk more about the suspected anxiety with him?

All the best,


Hi Richard, and welcome to the site

To be blunt, it is far too early for you to be thinking of MS. There are literally hundreds of conditions that can cause your symptoms and some of these are fixable so try not to jump to any conclusions and make things potentially worse by worrying needlessly.

Even if these symptoms were caused by an MS-like attack, it might never happen again - approximately 50% of people who experience a “clinically isolated syndrome” only ever have the one.

So take it easy, get a full battery of blood tests done to check for any vitamin or mineral deficiencies etc, if they are clear then ask for a referral to a neurologist.

Karen x

Hi, so what has your GP said/done re your problems? If he thinks you need a rerferral to neurology, then that`s what will happen, I reckon.

There are so many conditions other than MS, which could be the cause of your symptoms.

I know it is all very frightening and your mind will be going into overdrive.

Glad you`re feeling a bit calmer now.

luv Pollx