Pins and needles So bad!!

Hi everyone

wonder if anyone can help. Horrendous pins and needles in left arm and hand but only when I move it. Up until now (diagnosed 3 yes ago ) I have only had mild tingling but this is just unbearable… Is it possible for MS pins and needles only to happen when moving arm or should I be looking for a different cause? For some reason I thought with MS the p and n would be there whether I moved arm or not?

Any my advice appreciated .

Thx A:-)

I would see your GP, could be a trapped nerve x

From my experience pins and needles are constant when they come on, only decreasing or increasing in intensity. Movement of the arm has no affect. I agree with above posts. See your GP asap. R.

Thank you all… Yeh I’m inclined to agree with you all but have been having physiotherapy for potential trapped nerve but no improvement :-(( hence questioning MS route… So annoying !!!


soz for sounding defeated, i find when i dont use my right arm the p/n simmer then go, so now im getting used to 1 hand/arm, not good using 1 arm(my left) but feel a lot better for it, hope things get better for you annie, x

Thanks for that :slight_smile: