Pins and Needles

Good afternoon everyone.

I get pins and needles in my left hand to varying degrees. It never goes completely, but sometime becomes a stabbing pain. The physio (who I last saw over a year ago) said there was nothing to be done but as I am seeing my Neuro later this week I thought I would ask the experts - you guys.

My hand also feels very wooden and my dexterity is getting worse - always dropping things which is extremely frustrating. Any thoughts gratefully received.

Pins and needles was my first symptom my MS 20 odd years ago I still get them occasionally but not often.


Do tell your Neuro there maybe something he can do

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Hi seabird,

I get constant pins and needles in my feet, my left hand and around my lips…I’m not sure if your neuro could give you something but it’s certainly worth asking. I’ve had them for years now and I know it will sound very odd but I promise you that there will come a time that you stop noticing them…maybe not when you get the stabbing pains, unfortunately.

I’m told it’s the brains way of dealing with long term things like this. I honestly don’t notice mine now unless I actually stop and think about them or someone mentions them.

Good luck with your neuro.

Nina x

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When it is low level I think I am already used to them, but they have been noticeable recently although that could be the weather. I have got my gloves out already.

When I first started having problems, the doctor thought it might be carpal tunnel. At the time I was seeing a Rheumatologist for arthritis! If I really think about it now, the signs were there, just didn’t want to acknowledge it because then it would be real. 2 1/2 years on I am dealing with anything MS wants to throw at me with the support of my family. Arthritis is still there but that doesn’t seem to have got any worse and has certainly been overtaken by the MS.

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Hi Seabird

I get pins and needles mostly in my feet, its always more noticeable at night in bed, I think that’s because there are no distractions to take my mind off them, like there is during the day.

Could be worth mentioning it to see if there is anything you could be offered.

Pam x

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