Pins and needles

Hi fellow forumers,

Ive woken this morning to a non stop attack of pins and needles. Began with numbness/pins and needles from the waist down, now spread to my arms left first then right, and also in my lower face and back of head, seems to be increasing and spreading. Feeling abit cold, and sick too as a result of all this.

Its been a good few hours now. How do I know its serious or not? Im puzzled, Ive never had it this bad. Ive tried moving around, changing position, sitting up abit, but its not helping at all.

My husband says it could be bad circulation.

Im not panicking at all, as Im used to chronic pain and severe illnesses. I just wondered whats going on.

Should I do anything about it? Any ideas anyone?

Almond x

I’d contact your MS nurse just to let them know. If it gets painful or unbearable you should contact the on call neurologist. I got pins&needles at the start of my last relapse. It was just after Xmas and my husband said I’d eaten too much. Obviously both men don’t want it to be MS but afraid it is. Hope it calms down soon x

thanks wilf x