Help need ms advice

Hi dx last June had a bad relapse nov had iv steriods but only recently felt like I was finally getting remission, but today I’m am extremely fatigued and recently have been experiencing at night and awaking me with completely numb/dead arms and hand then bad pins and needles- now just this afternoon I have had bad pins and needles lower limbs and feet which akso felt like buzzing, then my back had a feeling like a pulse in part of it. It has now subsided - can anyone give me advice please? Kel

Kel, Sorry I would help if I could, but I’m not sure what you are asking for… Tracy

I know those feelings, think we probably all do, how can we help ?


Hi thank you for replying, phoned ms nurse this morning, got a Nuro apt next wed, just feel like I’m progressing quicker than expected and just need reassurance and support still find it hard to take in and seats worried as I’m a mother of two young girls x

Glad you have apps sooner rather than later, suggest you write down some of the questions you might want to ask.

I always find I forget something when I see a doctor so always write notes for myself over the preceeding days then put it in order before the app.


Hi Kel I don’t know if this helps, but I experienced similar to you a few months ago. After a period of feeling very well, I started to wake at night with completely dead arms and hands, even though I’d been lying on my back with my arms free. I phoned the ms nurse - mainly to see if he could suggest anything - and I had an MRI scan (results later this month). However, the pins & needles have definitely subsided & I feel much better so I really hope yours improves too. It might not be the case your ms is progressing - I hope your neuro appt goes well & you get the reassurance you need. Please try not to get too worried; stress is definitely a factor in my symptoms flaring, and that may be the same for you. I’m happy for you to PM me if you need to chat Jane xx