Pins & Needles: recovery or relapse?

Hi I’m 22 and I’m still recovering from my first attack which paralysed my left arm and leg. I would say I’m 90% recovered, all the movement has come back in both limbs and I can walk again (yay). But I am a bit concerned as today I woke up and noticed the lower half of my leg feeling a bit heavy like there was no blood in there which is what it felt like whilst I was having my attack and there have been some very slight tingling pins and needles. I called my MS nurse today who said to keep an eye on it but I am a bit worried I could lose my leg again but I’m not sure if I’m just panicking unnecessarily as when I was in hospital I did get pins and needles in my arm for a couple of days after my course of steroids but I think that was just the nerve healing itself as after the pins and needles left I regained more movement each time. So maybe it’s my leg healing itself? But I have no idea as I only got diagnosed with MS last week so am new to this. Has this happened to anyone else? Or would you ignore the advice to wait and see what happens and try to get an MRI? Or would you just wait, I only got discharged from hospital just over a week ago I can’t think of anything worse than having to go back in again. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

hi sweetie

(22 is a ridiculously young age, that ms is a nasty bully)

pins and needles is what started me on the road to nowhere.

i went to my gp because i’d had pins and needles for 4 weeks.

that was 9 years ago, i went on to be diagnosed RRMS the week before my 50th birthday and they have never gone away.

i was seen by a locum doctor who prescribed thiamine and the tablets worked.

but they came back at warp level,

i don’t consider it to be a bad symptom.

thiamine is vitamin B1 so get a B complex.

by all means see your gp, phone your ms nurse.

either of these will ensure that it gets on your medical records.

we all have our own experience of ms.

being old i will leave you with my best words of wisdom - don’t get stressed.

stress is the enemy!

pop back and ask more questions when needed.

take care

carole x

Hi MSiz

Just like Carole said, 22 is a ridiculously young age to be handed the loaf of cr*p that is MS.

Have a look at the MS Trust info about what is a relapse: A-Z of MS | MS Trust there are a load of other publications available from the MS Trust that might come in handy in the future. In particular have a look at the disease modifying drugs (DMD) decision aid: MS Decisions aid | MS Trust as your next step will probably be to find the DMD that is right for your lifestyle to try and prevent future relapses.

You could try calling your MS nurse again, and see if she/he can maybe come out and see you to give you a bit more support. Although I wouldn’t bother trying to get another MRI, it probably wouldn’t happen. What’s more likely, if it’s considered to be another relapse is steroids, but assuming you had them quite recently, they probably wouldn’t be prescribed so soon after.

It could be that what you’re currently experiencing is the remnants of your original relapse, sometimes they can take months to go completely, and sometimes there’s incomplete remission. For example, my feet never lost their mild pins n needles from the first ever relapse I had (nearly 20 years ago), now I can’t remember what it felt like before. My current ‘normal’ is nothing like what pre MS ‘normal’ was like. And about a year or so after that first relapse, my ‘normal feeling’ didn’t really feel abnormal anymore. If this makes sense to you?

It’s a hell of a thing to get your head round, an MS diagnosis. And it’s very easy to get panicked by a new (or what seems like a new) symptom. The trouble is that sometimes, it’s just a case of relaxing and letting your body take its own time to recover from a relapse.


Hi I’m 25 and going through diagnosis process!lets be friends! How is ur leg today I hope its better?

Hi Carloe

I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago when I was 28. I have tried a few DMT but unfortunately some didn’t agree with my body. For the last year I am having an infusion every 6 months for my DMT. I had my third one last month and it didn’t go to well. I had a reaction to the drug, was left with a headache for a week and now the last 5 days have had pins and needles on my right arm and hand. Horrible sensation!
It’s worse at night wakes me up. I’m the morning it feels completely dead. Unsure if it’s a reaction to the drug I had or if unfortunately I am having a relapse. It if is a relapse is there anything that can be given to stop this do you know? I have full strength there just this horrible tingling sensation.
I am contacting my MS nurse this morning for advice as this is still new to me. The doctors just say I need to see my specialist, but surely they can help? Haven’t had a relapse since I was diagnosed so unsure. I think it’s MS related but may not even be (but pretty sure it is) just don’t want to accept it. It’s so hard!

Any advice will be much appreciated :heart:

Pins and needles in MS can happen any time, not necessarily connected to a specific relapse, but yes, you did well to report to the MS nurse. How are you feeling today?