Pins and needles, numbness

Did anybody with RRMS, particularly in the early stages (pre / early diagnosis) find that pins and needles / numbness would come and go, eg if you leant on a limb for a short amount of time it went numb but then cleared up when you moved it? I’m curious as I’ve only seen people mention a whole limb going numb for a few weeks/months as part of a relapse but never about both arms and legs with pins and needles that come and go.

No, my pins and needles & numbness, right from the earliest days was there full time for a matter of, generally months. It always got better so very slowly, I didn’t even notice it having improved until one day I’d suddenly realise that it was better.


mine come and go but when they are there they’re constant. I have RRMS though so maybe this is more of a PPMS symptom?