pins & needles & numbness

hi all!

Could I just ask those who have experienced pins & needles and numbness (particularly those with PPMS but any input would be helpful), is this something that usually happens randomly or is it when you’re compressing a body part or leaning on it? I ask this because I find myself getting pins and needles and numbness, basically a falling asleep sensation when i lean on my arm for a few seconds, and i also get the same with my legs but it’s only if I’m sat in a certain position. My whole bum goes numb too if i sit directly on it which is why I’m not sure if this is MS related or not. I’m new to all this but as it seems to only be when I’m putting some pressure on nerves it makes it seem like maybe i have a trapped nerve or another problem, but then surely it would only affect one body part not multiple?

Anyway, if anybody could let me know if they relate to this or if i perhaps need to see a doctor about it and treat it as a separate issue that would be great, this is particularly directed at those with PPMS as It seems with RRMS you would experience consistent numbness for a few months which is a little different but if anybody with RRMS experiences this outside of a relapse then please feel free to advise me.

thank you :slight_smile:

i get this but only during a relapse

I’ve been diagnosed just over a year now with ppms. I can completely relate to what you say. I have “tingling”/ pins and needle sensations in my legs between 10 to 40 times a day. They don’t last long. Also I do get a dead leg if I cross my legs for long only on my right side, my right side is the side which is affected. I view it as the rocky road of MS. And am grateful that these sensations don’t last long. I don’t feel anyone is really that interested so I just learn to live with it. Hope that helps.

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Goves - got in one, much the same with me

does it affect you on both sides or just one?

Mainly my right. About 99% of the time. Then the surprise of a left hand one occasionally.

I was diagnosed with PPMS in June of this year. The first symptom I had (and still have) is numbness in my toes (mainly on the right foot), although I haven’t lost any feeling or lack of strength in my toes (strange though that sounds). I now get bouts of a kind of pins and needles feeling in my legs up to my knees from time to time, plus I have started to sit on a memory foam pillow to ease any discomfort in my posterior.

So this is not unusual for PPMS apparently. If you’re in doubt though, do go and talk to your doctor just to rule out anything else that could be causing it.

Hi. I get numbness in my hands and sometimes in my feet. The pins and needles in my hands is constant! The most annoying thing is my wrists have started to wobble when I use my hands.

Hi, I have RRMS. I have permanent numbness in both of my hands and wrists, but it fluctuates between pins and needles, buzzing, tingling and almost total numbness. It doesn’t affect the use of them, apart from me being more clumsy. The numb wrist came in useful when I got my first tattoo there when I turned 30 last year! Silver lining and all that.

I get frequent pins and needles in my legs and feet. Sometimes it’s very intense and feels like someone is tickling me! Which is very very distracting and uncomfortable.


I think it’s such a frustrating symptom as there’s nothing that can be done about it and it’s so distracting! x