Bilateral tingling in legs

This is my first post so just to 'set the scene ’ I have RRMS and was diagnosed in 2019, though neurologist reckons I’ve probably had MS for 20 years!
In the last 2 weeks I’ve had tingling and pins and needles which started in my ‘weak’ leg but then spread to both. Slowly starting to spread up my legs. It’s really bad when I lie down and disrupts sleep.
Just wondering if anyone out there had anything similar? Awaiting reply from my local MS nurses.
Thank you!

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Maybe you are experiencing a relapse. I had similar issues but in both hands instead. It defends on where the lesion is. Have you heard from the MS nurse?

Thank you for your reply.

The MS nurses phoned me yesterday but didn’t really make it clear whether I was experiencing a relapse. However, she is contacting my neurologist and discussed the possibility of steroids, so I’ll see what happens.

This is the most severe issue I’ve ever experienced, so has been unsettling. Currently not on DMTs but this is being discussed.

I will say that it’s not as bad in my right ‘weak’ leg now, so hoping it’s starting to improve.

Tingling and numbness in legs and lower torso was one of my first things, and it got much better but never resolved fully, and the lower down the worse the lingering effects - feet worst of all. The ‘new normal’ gets very reliably worse temporarily if I’m fatigued or overheated. I hope that you get some useful advice from the MS nurse.