Pins and needles and numbness - any experience?

Hello everybody,

This is my first post! I have PPMS, having been diagnosed in February this year. My legs are getting increasingly uncomfortable, I am experienceing numbess and pins and needles preventing me from sleeping. It affects the full length of both legs. I take Baclafen for mild spacticity at night - has anyone else experienced these new symptons and if so how do you deal with them?


Hi Purdeypuss. Welcome to the forum. I’ve not had pins and needles but my legs, especially my thighs used to feel like they’d been scalded. I was started on medication to ease nerve pain and as long as I stay warm it’s usually bearable. You really need to see either your Neuro or GP.

You’ve taken a big step being able to post on the forum so well done. The people here are very supportive and experienced, so please let us know if we can help in any way.

Take care.

Cath xx

Hi Purdeypuss

Wanted to say welcome to our gang, we are a smaller group, all very friendly with lots of advice and information.

I take amitriptyline for nerve pain, pins and needles etc which takes the edge off for me. Perhaps have a word with your neuro, ms nurse or gp.

Pam x

Hi Purdeypuss and welcome to our little gang! I have pins and needles on an off and find that Amitriptyline is a help. I have a constant buzzing vibration sensation in my legs and have actually got used to it… in fact it very occasionally stops for a few hours and I notice that immediatly! Just because it’s PPMS does not mean all symptoms are here for good so hopefully yours won’t last, but do see your GP or neuro and try Amitriptyline. Hope to see you on here again… It’s a very supportive and knowledgable group and I’m glad you found us. Pat x

Hi Purdeypuss welcome to the board. I started out with pins and needles 20 years ago it was one of the things that got me to go to doctors and the start of this wonderful MS adventure. I had them in my hands at the end of the day and now never get them at all. Do you spend a lot of time on your feet? Like the others have said a trip to see the MS nurse or your specialist is your first port of call. Do you use an electric banket ? they mess me right up no other surgestions but good luk with everything.

Hello & welcome

Yes, amitriptyline helps with my twitchyness and that was the main thing interrupting my sleep

Sonia x

Hello Purdeypuss, I too have permanent pins and needles in my hands and feet. I’ve had them for many years now and although I take Gabapentin it has never relieved them. Maybe something to help you sleep would be the answer. It may sound strange but eventually I have become so used to it that although they are still there unless I actually think about them I hardly notice them. I don’t know the medical details but it’s something to do with the brain learning to accept them. Maybe in the meantime Amytriptaline might help. Very best wishes, Nina

Hi Purdeypuss, l don t know if this will work for you it does me. My ms nurse said to take Magnesium 300g once a day in the morning it has stoped my legs jumping no pins or needles at night l also take Baclafen. hope that helps. Janxx

Thanks everyone for replying. What is really scaring me is that I feel numb and stumpy from the waist down, with a bit of pins and needles. Its so difficult to describe! I tried extra baclafen which made no difference. I have an appt with GP tomorrow, but am not confident he will know what to suggest - I will give him all your suggestions, and my ms nurse says she will phone him too. Otherwise I wait till Jan for an appt with my neuro doctor. Its hard to keep positive when I feel like this, but we have put up the christmas tree today, which helped!

Hi Cathy

I think you’re doing the right thing by going to the GP. Hopefully he can give you some answers or get you in to see your Neuro sooner. The only thing I’d suggest is that you write a list of everything that’s currently bothering you. I know it’s something we suggest often and you feel silly going in with a list but there’s nothing worse than walking out and realizing you haven’t mentioned half of what you intended to. I’m seeing my Neuro tomorrow and have mine ready add once he starts talking or explaining something I lose my train of thought and he doesn’t laugh at me, he’d rather I did that than not mentioned something that may be relevant.

Please let us know how you get on. Good luck.

Cath xx

Purdeypuss a list is an esential the times I HAVE FORGotten stuff good luck hope all goes well