My First post

Hi peeps, I have recently been diagnosed with PPMS. It mainly effects my left leg and both arms. This morning I woke up with a stabbing sensation in the top of my good leg, it has steadily got worse throughout the day, to the point I can hardly stand and when I sit it is very pain full to get back up. It Feels like a trapped Nerve but I am new to this and aint no doctor. Does anybody else suffer with anything like this Many thanX peeps Craig x

Welcome to the site, Craig

It is always sensible to get pains checked out by the medical profession just in case they are not due to the MS.

If it is MS, I find heat can be helpful in easing pains (heat pad, hot water bottle etc.). If this doesn’t work, your GP may be able to perscribe something stronger

Hi Craig,

My GP tells a tale about a patient hobbling about with a broken ankle saying “it’s just my MS”

Medics are usually quick to put everything down to MS but that shouldn’t stop us checking, just to be sure. It’s true enough that many people suffer nerve pain but you should have it road tested.

Welcome by the way.


Hi, I wonder if it is nerve pain? I take amitriptyline for mine and it is really helpful.

As others suggest, may be get it checked by your GP.

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