Leg pains

Good morning to you all,

I woke this morning to find my lower legs did’t want to play, after a while about 20 minutes they started to work again to a degree but the pain in and around my knees started to get worse, from my knees and down my legs are very stiff and i feel that i am having to drag my legs, is this usual for MS ?

I am sorry to trouble you with this but i would appreciate any feedback to this and your experiences of leg issues as my legs seem to be getting worse at an alarming rate.


Mark x

Hi Mark, I’m sorry to say it does sound very MS. Even with ppms symptoms can come and go to a remarkable degree.

What are you taking for pain? Are you able to increase dose a bit?

Are you able to contact MS nurse?

Sending you lots of love Mark and really hoping this eases off soon. Remember, it might go just as quickly as it came.

I was in agony Saturday and Sunday morning with my left wrist (I often have pain in wrists) but yesterday afternoon the pain just stopped. Hope it’s the same with your legs hon.

Pat x

Good afternoon Pat

Thanks for your reply, i had a feeling is was going to be MS,

I am taking 250mg of pregabalin twice a day, i could go up to 300mg, may go to see GP about it as well.

I hope it goes as quick as it came, my mood swings are getting worse as the nagging pain gets worse, my wife Johanne is fantastic about it all and takes my moods in her stride so i am very lucky that i have her support.

I hope your wrist pain stays away, take care and speak soon

Love Mark xx

Mark maybe try going up 50 mg on your dose of Pregabalin? It’s worth a try.

Love Pat xx

Hi mark I get pain in legs especially from knees down and feet I take amitriptyline Sometimes wake in morning and legs take while to come around so it does sound like ms Ask dr or nurse for advice too Hope better soon Steve

Thanks Steve

I am going to GP on friday so i will have a word.

Pat, i have started with the extra 50mg today so i will see how it goes.

Thanks to you both

Take care, Mark