I was diagnosed 2 years ago and in the last 4 weeks the pain in my legs is almost unbearable. So much so that I can no longer do my physio and can hardly walk. My question is do I give up on the physio and accept my need for a wheelchair or do I keep trying to fight this friggin cr p.

Hi Anon, have you seen GP? Are you on any pain med’s?

If answer is ‘NO’ make an appointment right now to see GP. There are med’s that can help with MS pain even for us PPMSers. Usually Gabapentin, Pregabalin or Amitriptyline. So don’t suffer when drugs can help!

If you are on any of the above then you need to change drug or increase dose. So again, see GP.

Try to deal with the pain before you decide to use wheelchair, as the longer you can keep walking the better. ‘Use it or lose it’ as the saying goes… but of course a time comes sometimes when we HAVE to use wheelchair… but see GP first about pain.

When is your next neuro appointment? Any chance of bringing it forward? Or if you are not seeing neuro ask GP for referal now so you can get help.

Terrible suffering such pain. Get help today!

Pat x

hi anon

in same situation as you,dignosed 2yr ago and lately pain and stiffness in legs and feet getting worse gone from no stick to 1 crutch and now 2 crutch

personally going to carry on as long as i can,love physio and swimming,not the next day but that got out and accomplished something

agree with pat talk to gp,nurse or neuro about meds and physio to work on things that can help

hope all goes well


Thanks Pat and Steve for your help.

I have only ever been given Baclofen, 2x10 mg daily but GP has just prescribed Amitripylene as well (25mg daily). Hopefully that will help me. I am the only MS patient she has and she admits to not knowing much about MS which leaves me feeling so alone. I know the use it or lose it saying, but when you can’t use it its difficult. Thanks again.

Chin upLife sucks, it really does, MS is an insiduous disease. When no one was listening about my pain, I sat down at my GP and said pain/pain/pain!!! I take 50mg of Amitripylene, do you manage to get any sleep? Lack of sleep turns everything into a mountain, I realise peptalk is damned annoying but there is hopeGently rub your legs make them feel different sensations, take care M