Stiff and aching legs

Hi folks

It is now some seven months since my diagnosis of PPMS and for some months before and after my diagnosis I was in pain which was sometimes severe and I suffered spasms in my right leg (affected) at night.

I carried on doing my physiotherapy exercises which helped quite a lot in that they prevented me from seizing up altogether. I was prescribed gabapentin and baclofen for the pain. The gabapentin along with Ibuprofen controlled the pain but the baclofen 10mg didn’t seem to do anything at all. On the advice of my consultant I stop taking the baclofen.

About two months ago the severe pain stopped suddenly just like a switch had been turned off. Something for which I am very grateful.

Following advice from kind people on this group I applied for and got my blue badge as well as my disability allowance and carers allowance for my wife. I was also fortunate enough to be able to carry on driving although I had to switch my car for one with a manual gearbox.

Again acting on advice from folks on this group I was able to see a neuro physiotherapist. She gave me more exercises and also an orthotic brace which steadies my right ankle and foot. It does seem to help somewhat and makes me a little more confident when I try to walk. I still suffer stiffness and aching in my right leg and would like to ask if anyone could tell me of any medication which you may have found helpful for this type of discomfort. The Gabapentin and Ibuprofen don’t seem to help.

I have started taking a vitamin D supplement and have also seen BIOTIN supplement receiving good write-up for helping with PPMS. Anyone able to recommend or advise on taking this supplement too please?

Every Best wish to all of you and thank you once again.

Try magnesium spray oil. I get mine in Holland and Barrett. At night I spray it on my palm and massage into my calf or instep. It really works for me. It is an oil so don’t get spray on the floor!

Join the facebook group and the files section has details of suppliers and prices for pharmaceutical grade Biotin.

Hello to All, I am not new to this site but I have not posted in at least a year when I was first diagnosed. I recently (past 3 weeks) found out my original diagnosis (relapsing MS) was incorrect. I am now diagnosed with progressive MS. I don’t mind saying it scares me to death. I feel as I now have to adjust to this all over again.

I was originally diagnosed RRMS. Nine months later that was changed to PPMS. Just carry on as you are without any DMDs if you were taking any. Fortunately, my progression is so slow now its nearly going backwards.

There are quite a few types of pain eg nerve, muscular, bone are a few I can name. Each type of pain has different meds. Gabapentin is really good for nerve pain but has little effect on others. You need to think about the origin of your pain and then go from there. I have a few different sources , this isn’t uncommon, but each are treated differently. Hope this helps a bit.

Robbie it doesn’t matter what type of ms you have. Each person progresses at different rates. Although I was diagnosed as ppms at 44, I was showing signs of rrms at 21 but just got treated for depression and with every ‘infection’ over the years since it was just recorded as my tending to get badly affected by any virus etc.

I never had dmd’s etc but don’t think I missed anything. My ms isn’t progressing quickly either. Don’t let this change in diagnosis upset you too much. It isn’t a totally different illness from rr.