Waiting for MRI my legs feel very stiff calves and thighs its all happening quickly is this the first stage of not being able to walk im am so scared its going to be agressive

Hi Kingsnorth

Are you on any medication for the stiffness? I take baclofen and it helps with spasms and stiffness, maybe worth having a word with your GP as they can prescribe it.

Hope your mri comes through quickly.

Pam x

I have more weakness than stiffness but mine was rapid from having wobbly legs for a few months to suddenly not being able to weight bear at all. I was really poorly in May 2013 and have been a wheelchair user since. I haven’t got an official diagnosis but my symptoms are very ms like. I’m much better now , I haven’t got my walking back, I wall walk and drag legs and crawl and fall in my own home. But my outlook is much better, now I’ve accepted the wheelchair I’ve embraced my new life. I have an assistance dog called Frazer and I go everywhere with him. The hardest thing by far was the fear and the depression. I went for CBT and it helped such a lot. I still have some bad days the fatigue and dizziness are sometimes very intense but I’ve managed to keep the depression away. Michelle and Frazer xx

hi skippysprite,

you say about baclofen 10 mg , i have been taking them for a few months now but dont seem to be doing much , i take 6 a day but doesnt deem to be doing much … i take Pramipexole for spasms and RLS …

how does baclofen help you ? but im still wobbling about and weakness lower part walking is a pain …

Michelle didnt you bother with official diagnosis xx

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Baclofen seems to stop me having so many spasms and stiffness, but if I take too many they seem to make the weakness worse.

It’s annoying because everything that seems to help can also have a negative affect as well, it’s like catch 22.

The neuro said I could try something else but for the life of me I am sorry I can’t remember the name.

Pam x

Hello I am new to this site. Almost 3 years since diagnosis but I always refused treatment cos of side effects and honestly because I thought my diagnosis was wrong. I am now getting worse with walking and pain mostly 1 side of my body but I am thinking of starting a treatment. Is anyone on tecfidera or copaxone? How you feeling with them. P.s. Sorry if this is wrong place for this question x

Hi Kingsnorth , I didn’t see this message till now. I am under a Neuro for a 2nd opinion. I was originally told that this was caused stress and given a functional neurological disorder diagnosis. I’m waiting to see what the recent more detailed mri shows. However it doesn’t make much difference to what they label it I still have the disability and am a wheelchair user. I’m not sad I’ve learned to live with this and Frazer (assistance dog ) doesnt care what its called he just wantd to help me. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Welcome to the forum.

If you are starting a disease modifying drug (DMD) that implies you have relapsing remitting MS. This part of the forum is generally for those people who have primary progressive MS. They don’t have DMDs. (Very sadly!) So you’re not likely to get many useful answers from this post.

Maybe you should repost your question on the Everyday Living part of the forum?

What you need to do is go to the Everyday Living board, see the button marked New Thread, give your thread a title and then repost your question. Sue

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