Have started to have pain in my 'bad' leg comes down outside then across top of thigh - leg gets very heavy and muscle seems to go into spasm and boy does it HURT.  Saw doctor said I had a pinched nerve in back.  Take paracetamol and Baclofen (half a tablet 3 times a day) but doesn't seem to help.

Does anyone have any ideas of what else I could do or try.


Sara x

Hi Sara, I would think you need one of the drugs for nerve pain. Gabapentin, Pregabalin or Amytriptalin (spelling!). 

I also wouldn't necessarily believe that it's a trapped nerve. Sounds as if it could be pain caused by MS. Any chance of getting to see your neuro?

Hope it feels better soon,

Pat x

Hi Pat,


Haven't seen my neuro for 3 years only ms nurse every 6 months or go to GP.  Will ring ms nurse onTuesday after hols.

Thank you for your help.

Hope you have a Good New Year.


Sara x

Hi Sara

I'm with Pat on this, sounds MS/neuropathic pain, it's a bugger.  Amitripilyn however you spell it, I suffer this way too, only immediate help I can think of is streches and gently massage.  Even if its not brilliant it will help to be trying something AND it can't do any harm!

Welcome to this merry band of brothers/sisters.

Take care, M