Leg pain - Advice needed

Over the past few days I’ve started to experience some pain in my legs. It’s been a bit like a dull ache and until yesterday came and went. Today it is constant and very painful and isn’t being helped at all by paracetamol/ Ibuprofen. This is the first time I’ve experienced actual pain with my MS - is there something that my GP could prescribe that would help? Thanks, S x PS - my legs have always been affected by my MS e.g. Numbness, pins and needles, cramps erc.

Hi Stacey,

Much depends on what’s causing the pain. If it’s neuropathic (nerve) pain, you’re going to need a dedicated neuropathic painkiller, because the over-the-counter stuff isn’t the right tool for the job.

Alternatively, the pain might be caused by muscle-tightness (spasticity). I’ve found baclofen (anti-spasticity agent) a great help with this. Although it’s not a painkiller, if the cause of your pain is tight muscles, then easing them up will help.


Dear Stacey,

You can get pain ‘sometimes’ - it’s what ‘MS’ is all about. I’ve had MS for about 13 years and it can ‘come and go’ - I have ‘cold symptoms’ just now and I don’t know what’s happening (even though I’ve been to University). The good news is that it will diappear - that’s my experience.

Marcus. x.

Hi Stace, there are different types of pain with MS. I take amitriptyline for nerve pain. And baclofen for stiffness/spasms, which are also painful, but not in the same way as my nerve pain.

GP may be able to help or you may need to see your neuro.

If you have an MS nurse, you could give her a call, eh?

Hope you get some relief soon, as it can be so tiring and miserable when we are in constant pain.

luv Pollx

Thanks for all the advice!! x

Leg pains a mare!!! wish I could say something constructive, but I cant. Can I lend the chainsaw when youve finished!!! Had every drug known to man!! Sos to say this but its only “herb” that works!!! On a positive note it does ease, sometimes! Tracey xx

I have had leg pain as a symptom of my MS for about 20 years (even before diagnosis). I have always used self hypnosis for relief…as it is nerve pain I have leant to ‘switch them off’. This works very well, but does take a bit of practise. Can be worth seeing a registered hypnotherapist to learn pain management techniques . It is only in the last 6 months that I have had to start taking gabapentin as well (but as this makes me very sleepy I can only take a small dose at night.)
Hopefully it will go again for you soon
Isobel x