Waiting diagnose

Thanks Snow Leopard Not only for the suggestion of what to take for the pain in legs and feet, those you suggested Amitriptyline, Gabapentin and Solpadol already taking so any thing else would be appreciated, but for pointing me to post as a “New thread” will get there eventually. Many thank for our help.

You’re welcome Amazon Lady.

Seems you are already taking the med’s… but as you are still in pain you might want to think about increasing the dose of one of them. Talk to your GP, neuro, or MS nurse if you have one.

And welcome again to the board.

Have they told you they think it’s PPMS? What are your circumstances… are you coping ok hon?

Take care and hope you’re having a nice weekend.

Pat x

I think it’s PPMS as all the symptoms point to it, my age 53, the fact that I do not get any relief from my symptoms, there’s no good days bad days just progressively getting worse. Think I will need a wheelchair soon as finding walking more and more difficult even though I walk slowly with a funky walking stick, have been buying really fab stick and matching with great scarves as can no longer ware my high heals, keeping them for the day I end up in my wheelchair.sorry if I come across a bit morbid just the way I cope. I am also going though possibly losing my job, as have a “capability Meeting” next week. Anyway glad I joined the forum good to hear from others that are going though or have gone though it. Thanks Deborah

Hi again Deborah, yes it does sound like PPMS… and right age for it also… but always best to wait for the dx from neuro so don’t take my word for it.

Sorry you are going through tough time with job as well. I’m sure you know you are protected by law… they have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so that you can continue doing your job, or offer you a job you can do (if at all possible). Google something like ‘disabled reasonable adjustments in workplace.’

Saying that, I found it impossible to continue working. Fatigue was far too bad & I actually stopped working before dx… or rather when I had a mis-dx of ME.

Read my answer to Mr B on the ‘My wheelchair has arrived’ thread… where I explain how to get a wheelchair on NHS and also the benefits of a mobility scooter.

Humour is a life-saver hon and you’d be surprised at the stuff we can laugh at on here!

It is such a comfort coming on this board and knowing you are not alone,

For now,

Pat x

Hi Pat Thanks for your reply, it does really help to know that you and everyone else is there, it is a lonely place if you don’t have anyone to speak to about things. Sorry to sound a bit sorry for my self but have not had anywhere to turn, until I have a final diagnoses I don’t know what s out there.My husband and son are helping and right behind me,but thank goodness I have found this forum. Deborah

Hi Deborah, I was treated as haing PPMS for several years and then it turned out I have something else.

My condition is called Spastic Paraparesis. basically it is caused by mutant genes…could be genetic or started in me…dunno why!

My mobility deteriorated quickly. I`ve been a full time wheelie for 9 years and part-time prior to that.

I had 4 MRIs, 2 LPs, 2 EMG tests and lots of blood tests. Everything came back normal.

So SP was all that was left, that neuros could pin on me.

Hope you get sorted soon. It`s no fun in limbo, i know.

luv Pollx