Pins & Needles - When Does it Happen?

Hi everyone, new here, just wondering when you all experience pins and needles the most (if at all).

I know there is of course no normal answer and everyone is different but for me it happens most often when I am walking or sitting for long periods of time; sometimes I wake up with it too and wonder even if it is my MS or if I was just lying funny (but the fact that it happens almost weekly makes me think not). I have RLS too which probably contributes somehow.

I think you’ve already answered your own question. The biggest problem with MS is that there is no such thing as ‘normal’. What happens to me is likely to be very different to what happens to you.

It will depend on what stage of the disease you are at; whether you are RR, SP or PP; how long you’ve had MS; and indeed just whatever is ‘normal’ for you.

Sorry there’s no better answer.



i have rrms and pins and needles is constant since before my dx.

it’s my new normal.

i had a very stressful week last week and woke up from a dream where i was holding onto a grab rail which was connected to the mains!

once i realised that i wasn’t being electrocuted i managed to brave the shower and use the grab rails!

i’d been in a good period of remission until those burglars stole it!

carole x