Pins and needles worse when sitting

Hi, I know pins and needles are normal in MS. Recently though I have been getting it worse when sitting, especially when I am sitting slightly to the side, sometimes even a smidgen. It happens minutes after sitting and turns into numbness very quickly. I have to move my leg around before I walk as I can’t feel much of my left leg. The left sided pins and needles started 10 years ago so it’s not new to me, just the sudden decrease in feeling. Thankfully it goes back to my normal (numbness and pins and needles in left foot) after about 20 mins.


Hi Joanne,

I get pins and needles all over my body too. If I tilt my head down, chin to chest the tingling gets worse, I have upper spine lesions.

Wonder if it’s something similar with you, or just a normal trapped nerve and nothing to do with MS.

Maybe contact your Dr, or MS nurse.


Yes, perhaps a trapped nerve! I have psoriatic arthritis, which is in my lower back and hip…seems obvious now lol. Thank you Jen


to cut a long story, I think there’s a nerve at the back of your thigh (if I’m wrong someone will put me right) and if you sit on it the pins and needles are almost immediate and quite nasty.

i also find sitting on the floor brings em on really bad I think it’s because it’s a hard surface.