new and unsure

Im new to this site and although i have not been officially diagnosed yet i have had a MRI and lumber puncture and have been told that this is a strong possibility that i have MS and a diagnosis will be given after a 2nd MRI in Oct. it all started with optical neuritis which has now corrected itself but over the past few weeks i have been waking up in the night with pins and needles in my arms usually my left with is the same side as my eye issues. Today i have woken to a dead arm and pins and needles in my hand. does anyone else get this? will it go away? sorry if i seam clueless but i really dont know what to expect. any advice will be greatly appreciated

Hi Sarah, I have just had my diagnosis and have had symptoms that you describe. My numbness/pins and needles I’ve experienced mainly in my feet and one period of waist down. Lasting sometimes months and others just days. I didn’t find it painful at all - just annoying and worrying (this was before I was diagnosed). I’ve also had optical neuritis twice. These along with the MRI scan confirmed the end result (but that was all over a 5 year period). I hope that you do not get a diagnosis obviously, but I hope you get answers. I think how long symptoms last will vary from person to person so hard to determine. Make a diary maybe so that you have all the info you need when you get asked questions. Good luck x

Hi Sarah. I am currently awaiting a mri appointment. I too have pins and needles In my hands arms and fingers. My go diagnosed Carpel tunnel so I went for the test and it came back negative. I now get it all in my leg and feet and also have cramp everynight. Hope you get a diagnosis soon. I feel I have a long time before I get one as not even had one mri yet.

Thank you for your advice and comments. It’s really confusing and scary to know what is to be expected and how long things go on for. Im still really trying to get my head around it all, I have started to keep a diary so thank you for that bit of advice. I hope you get an MRI soon Ella as I know uncertainty can drive you mad. I only had my first bout of optical neuritis in July while I was away in Spain. It was very scary and niaive of me to think someone would speak English but no body did and I had so many tests while communicating through google translate. I am very lucky in a sense that this has been picked up on while others seams to wait years to get any tests/diagnosis. Anyway thanks for your comments x