Flu and MS


I’m new to the forum. I’ve been diagnosed with MS now for 6 and a half years. I’m very lucky in the fact that I don’t really suffer with any problems and pretty much fully recovered from my major relapse in 2010.

I recently came down with flu, Tuesday last week. I’ve never had flu before, had colds but not actual flu! apart from the flu symptoms it appears to have really affected my MS. I’m struggling to walk, the sensation in my feet and hands is like constant tingle and feel giddy all th time.

Can anyone help me with regards to whether this is my MS or side affects of the flu? I’m worried I’m going to have a relapse.

Has anyone else suffered with these type of symptoms with flu?

Really appreciate the feedback


Kathy x

H there,

I recently had a heavy cold that I thought was the Flu, so I went to my GP who confirmed it was not the Flu but a viral cold.

It was knocking me side ways, I actually had to take a fortnight off from work.

Like everyone I’ve had colds in the past but I just could not shift this one, in fact almost a month on and I’ve still got a cough an sniffles.

As for my MS symptoms they were without out doubt aggravated, and probably still are a little bit.

I actually went to my GP 3 times in one week and contacted my MS clinic because I was convinced it was a relapse.

It was my MS symptoms that made me go on the sick really because I felt awful, all my MS symptoms were having a field day !!

Apparently (GP’s words), because our immune systems are a bit out of wack with MS we can sometimes find such things as colds,flu, infections ect a bit harder to shift and might feel the effects a bit more, especially our MS symptoms.

Our MS symptoms can get aggravated and this can stay with us a while even after the infection/virus has gone.

My MS clinic also confirmed this.

I would say that having the Flu would definitely bring on your MS symptoms, so if you already haven’t done so, get he Flu jab, might be too late this time round but at least you’ve given yourself a fighting chance for the next time.

GP’ said the Flu jab will help but not completely protect from getting the Flu, however anyone with MS should have it done.

Hope this helps and goes some way to reassure you.

Thank you, a little reassuring, think I will take a while to get over this. Didn’t really want to take anymore time off work but really do not feel right to drive let alone be sat in an office! Do you suggest any medication or vitamins that may help?


thankfully I rarely get colds. But just before Christmas came down with one. The cold itself wasn’t too bad but it knocked the MS all out of whack. Absolutely anything and everything seemed to be an issue for me. I reckon it was about a month before I was back to normal. I really didn’t do much. Was off work for a few weeks. It was over the Christmas period, so things were quiet anyway and then I managed to work from home for 10 days or so.

hope you get better soon.


  • As j actually says any type of infection can play merry he’ll with your m s. Before I was diagnosed anytime I did take ill I always wondered why it seemed to take me ages to feel fact my daughter is nursing aid so I don’t always get to see her (as often as I like)because some patients have had an infection…you will think I am not a very nice person as I always tell I’ll people to stay away.

Hi Guys. I am lying in bed with a heavy cold ! My voice has become very hoarse !Although has been like that for a while before cold struck! Anybody else get this voice prob?

Ahh get you Rosie x

Hi yet again lol ! Anybody else have a voice prob with ms? Hoarsness etc etc xxx

Hi Jenpen1, I have got it each time I have a cold. Sometimes it is so severe that I lose my voice.

When i had the flu my rrms wasn’t that bad at the time,but after 6 weeks i had a really bad relapse that took me a year to get over,i also had a severe throat infection 2 yr ago and same again a big relapse 6 week after.

Just getting up really after three days in bed, following contact with a nice chap at the garden centre who looked ill and coughed and sneezed a lot. I stopped breathing and held my breath till I got outside but that didn’t work. Felt like gravity was pulling me down through the bed, cramps, sweating, head, twitching eye the whole lot all crammed into three days. Today at last, I feel slightly normal and am glad to have come out of it. I am having visitors tonight so I am really looking forward to someone bringing food and company.

If I get anything, my body is like a battle ground trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Fortunately, I am having treatment at the moment which has made me feel better. This time last year, I would have been in bed for days and days and taken weeks to recover even a little bit. Today I am sat up, reading and feeling ermmmm a little bit peckish! Just gone past half term, traditional time for me to stay away from everybody due to the mixing and coughing. This year I played with fire a bit and went out and about, only to garden centres and for three hospital appointments so it is my own fault. I also stay away from people during the February half term. Sounds drastic but we do have to get through our winters.

I am stocked up ready now with vitamins, lucazade, tea, manuka honey, home made soup in the freezer yak, home made biscuits plain in the freezer yak, tins of custard, frozen fruit, other random stuff just in case I go down with something again and take to my bed. I must get up now, its 3.14 in the afternoon!

poor AD has been left outside.

he really needs to be house trained.

don’t worry because his coat grows thicker when it’s cold.

(AD someone will open a window soon for you)

I wonder how you felt before the flu actually struck. Whenever I’m incubating flu/cold etc I always feel better than usual i.e. before the symptoms kick in.

Aw, poor AD. His winter coat’s probably not fully grown in yet. Just imagine him shivering outside waiting for someone to open a window for him so he can get warmed up.


Hello all, I am still waiting for a confirmated dx but have recently had a MRI on my brain which showed multiple lesions so my Nero has put me in for a second scan. They reason I’ve jumped on this thread is because I went to bed yesterday with the start of a cold and have spent most of today in bed! No coughing or sneezing but aches, sore throat and congestion. These have aggravated my leg pains dramatically. I’m due for a second MRI tomorrow on my neck and spine and I’m reluctant to cancel as I’ve waited months for this one. Would you still go?

Bit late in the day I know, but as someone with a chronic illness you ARE encouraged to get a flu jab.

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Just listened to the local radio a few mins ago and a lady had phoned in to say she got her flu jab and recently she has been ill with the flu for the past 9 days. Her doctor said it doesn’t work for all strains - which I think we know about.

So like our wonderful condition it just seems to be ‘pot luck’ on what could happen next. I don’t know…

Take care,


I get it every year and suffer terribly afterwards. I sometimes wonder if I’d be better off without it?

Hi , I’m new here but wondered if anyone could shed some light on an issue for me . I was tentatively diagnosed with rrms 12 years ago which has recently become a definite diagnosis following a relapse. I have been having problems taking medication , mainly antibiotics but also creams and others such as gaviscon for the last 10 years . They make my skin crawl , could this be anything to do with my ms and if so any suggestions would be gratefully received