Cold/flu type thing, feels like a relapse

helloI have got some kind of cold/flu/virusy thing....usual cold symptoms, slight upset stomach, and I think some msey symptoms are flaring up: stiff legs, major fatigue and dizzines. The thing is, I'm really scared that it's a relapse but I just keep trying to tell myself that it's just a virus and I'll get better. Its just incredibly similar to how my first relapse started. I'm now on tyabri (have been for about 16 months) major relapse free but i'm frightened this will turn into a relapse.

Does anyone else feel like they are relapsing when they have an infection?

hi this virus is doing it's rounds at the moment took the legs from me and also my healthy son toungebut it soon passes if you rest

Sorry to hear it got you and your son but thanks for sharing as it's reassuring to hear that there is such a virus going round and what I have got is probably that.

I had the bug that was going around and had not yet been diagnosed with ms. I was vomiting, and dehydrated, put on the drip and given meds which replicated the symptoms I had last yr in the side affects, when I was diagnosed with an isolated syndrome. Vision funny, walking and balance off etc. its only now i realised towards the end it was another attack, my balance and footing still off tho I stopped the medication, I had motion sickness, even blow drying my hair moving my head too much made me sick.