Could it be another relapse?

Hi guys Sorry to ask what may seen like a stupid question. Sorry for anon but feel stupid :frowning: Had a cold last week- usual garden variety sore throat, cough etc. still a it bunged up and coughing but it seems to be much better. Now I have the most awful eye pain (again-iv already had ON in that eye-which had settled) kind of dizziness, nausea and extreme fatigue. Can’t get up at all. Is it just after effects if cold or another relapse? Iv taken sickness tablets but no help. Think the dizziness is from the eye pain and the dizziness is making me nauseated. My skin feels like the shower is on my back and legs intermittently also. And iv buzzing in my ankles… Sounds weird I know… I genuinely feel so bad I’m half considering going to see the on call doc or A&E and I don’t ever go to the doctor let alone hospital willingly… So I guess question is would this be normal after a small cold or is it more likely to be another relapse?

Hello Anon. I’ve only just been diagnosed so don’t feel qualified to tell you if its a relapse. If I was worried though as you obviously are then I would call the doc or A&E. Can your doc do an home visit? sounds like that would be best…you don’t seem very well. Let us know how you get on once your feeling better. Take care Noreen xx

I’m starting to wonder if its trigeminal neuralgia … As well as the pain on eye movement which is the ON I have pain in the face, cheek, forehead. It’s very sore. Not the sudden onset pain I read about in google more a constant thing. Will see how I am tomorrow before I make any decisions about on call doc/hospital.

Hello Anon. Are you feeling any better today?

Hi Blossom Thought I felt a bit better overnight but after I tried getting up this am I realised I’m no better so I’m waiting to be seen by the doc now. Pretty hard to get up and shower and get dressed but couldn’t go as I was. Will up date later. Thanks so much for asking-means alot when people care!! xx

I’m glad you called doc anon…was worried about you…,it’s the nurse in me :wink: all the guys on here care for each other, so keep us up to date with what’s happening won’t you :slight_smile:

sorry to hear your not well if i get worried i phone the ms nurse they are there to help and they could explain things better than a doctor…

Hi, has the doc been yet?

Are you on your own, or do you live with someone?

Let us know how it goes with doc, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Anon

Sending you hugs and I hope the doc has been.

I also relapse after a cold or infection anywhere but sounds like you are really suffering so best to get checked out eh?

Let us know how it goes.

Be thinking of you.

Shazzie xx

Hi all You guys are amazing… The support you have given me has been immense. I’m feeling so unwell still but hope the steroids kick in soon. I was told it is another relapse. Iv been relapsing a lot lately. Running straight from one to the next almost. This stupid cold seems to have triggered another one. I just have so many new seemingly unrelated symptoms. Will be seeing the neuro tomorrow. Ill let you lovely kind people know how I get on… Thanks thanks thanks x

Hello Anon. Sorry to hear its another relapse…I hope the steroids start working soon. Its horrible when you don’t feel well. All the best with your neuro appointment tomorrow. Sleep well, be kind to yourself.

Sending you hugs. Hope the neuro can help you tomorrow. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest Barney

Hi Anon

At least you know why you feel so rubbish. Hope the steroids start working soon for you.

How are you feeling today?

Shazzie xx

Hi shazzie and all the other amazing people here, Actually am worse today. Neuro is trying to arrange an admission for me. I would be glad to go in… Which sounds odd. But so unwell :frowning: I’m scared! Had an episode of faecal in continence last night. So horrible. Made me feel like Sh!t - excuse the pun. I still have some humour left. Never had that before. It’s so many symptoms all at once. Almost like every MS symptom ever all rolled into one big relapse- and that’s after a simple cold!! Where will I end up if this keeps happening…

Hello anon. Sorry your no better…I really feel for you. I hope you have someone close supporting you. I’m thinking about you and sending lots of healing prayers. It will be much better to be in hospital I’m sure and get yourself sorted. Take care…let us know when you can how your getting on.

Not much support- own fault as not letting anyone really know how bad I am. Hard to hide this time… Husband was here when lost control of bowels- keeps joking about it but think he worried. He’s away tonight. I’m on my own with the baby which is hard. Have family nearby if anything awful happens though.

Ah!! a woman lol. If its any comfort I went for a wee tonight just before I was leaving my flat, only to discover I had been faecally incontinent I hadn’t even realised…never happened to me before…really upset me. Keep that a secret between you and me yeah You must tell people how bad you are anon…let them in…people who love you want to help. Gee I don’t know you and I want help lol. I hope your family know what’s happening regarding hospital? I’m sure they’ll want to help… you don’t have to wait for something bad to happen to call them surely?? Hope you mange to get some rest.

Hello anon. Hope neuro managed to get you a bed. I’m guessing your husband will be with you today so you will have help with the baby…don’t forget your family anon for help. Take care.

Just wanted to update all the kind people who had been so helpful last weekend. I am having iv steroids now for a fairly big relapse. My neuro was so nice to me. So kind. A side I never saw to him before. I’m hoping for a big recovery but so far it’s slow. Steroids are nasty too. I have some treatment decisions to make right now also which the neuro is involving me in. Life is hard but the support from here makes such a difference. x

Hello anon. I do hope the iv steroids start to do their job soon…things have really been tough for you. I hope you’ve been reaching out more to family. I’m glad your neuro has shown you his nice side, I bet that was a relief for you. Take really good care of yourself, Lots of hugs. Noreen