Hi wondering if people could advise. I’ve been having some dizzy spells for the past couple of weeks each day on and off and was wondering if this is a relapse? The dizzy spells were how this all first started and I’m concerned that it may be a new relapse. I don’t seem to be fighting an infection or a virus and the only other thing I have is tiredness and a shooting nerve pain that comes and goes throughout the day and lasts for only a couple of seconds. Oh and I seem to be urinating a lot in the past 2 weeks but don’t seem to have increased my fluid intake. My question is- does it have to be a new symptom for a relapse or can it be a flare up of the old symptoms? I’m not under an ms nurse yet just the neurologist and him and his secretary seem impossible to reach. Advice would be greatly appreciated

It might be worth dropping a urine sample into your surgery for them to check as a first port of call. A UTI can cause dizziness and a flare up of symptoms generally. If that is clear then you do need to try and contact your GP/neuro for advice. When I was first diagnosed and wasn’t in full contact with a neuro my GP used to fax him to tell him I needed help urgently which prompted some action so you could also try that if your urine sample is clear.

A relapse is considered to be a new symptom that persists for over 24 hours and which isn’t caused by an infection or raised temperature. I think I hate the dizzy spells (and fatigue) more than anything as they are both so unpredictable and can stop you doing anything else. I do hope it clears up soon and you get some help with it.

Tracey x