fed up

Two weeks ago saw gp because I was dizzy and numb down left side for nearly three week’s she signed me off work for two weeks with vertigo said was not a relapse saw neurologist last week who says I was having a relapse and put me in steroids for five days still feel rubbish and numb and weak down left side so wen to gp who this time says im having a relapse and sends me to the hospital they take blood give me a chest xray and tell me im not having a relapse I have a high white blood cell count but they woht give me antibiotics chest xray is clear there us blood in my urine I need to contact my neurologist I still feel rubbish I still have numbness and tingling on left side and loads of pain but I have tramadol tablets abd no answers. Feeling very frustrated and fed up.


I understand your frustration! Blood in urine is NOT a neurological condition, and I’ve never heard of it being caused directly by MS, although it could be caused by a UTI, which are more common in MSers. I think I’d be inclined to go back to the GP, and ask what’s to be done about blood in your urine, as Neurology doesn’t seem the correct department for this. Do you have an MS nurse?

I only even spoke to one 2.5 years after diagnosis, but was only offered “coffee and a chat”, and, when I declined that, a physio appointment, which was equally pointless.

However, I’ve heard in other areas, they are quite active in getting UTIs diagnosed and treated. But your GP can do this anyway! It doesn’t need the hospital (except maybe their lab), or a neurologist, to check if you have a UTI.

The blood in urine thing is definitely the most suspicious to me. If that’s the hallmark of an infection, it would explain why you’re feeling crap generally. Any infection, but particularly respiratory or waterworks, can make MS symptoms flare up.



As far as hospital are concerned I don’t have an infection or a relapse dont think I will bother with any of them anymore and just get on with it myself .

I do understand what you mean. I’m feeling much the same, after not one but TWO pointless trips to the hospital last week, which did not get me any further forward with my problem (which is not the same as yours). I very nearly cancelled my next scheduled appointment, in July, as I feel like every visit is a waste of time, and my GP doesn’t do anything either.

BUT, blood in urine is potentially serious, and not something where “just leaving it” is an option, I’m afraid.

I don’t want to frighten you, and it’s still most likely it’s just an infection. But you can’t leave it, just in case it isn’t.

Even if it’s only an infection, you can’t really just leave it.




I’m not surprised you’re feeling frustrated - as if it wasn’t hard enough just dealing with what’s happening physically, you’ve been getting mixed messages from the different healthcare people you’ve seen (sounds a bit like the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing).

Personally I’m surprised your GP has got involved in deciding whether you have a relapse or not - I would have thought that’s for your neuro to decide and no one else, and a GP usually wouldn’t have enough specialist knowledge to know. So I would only listen to what your neuro says in that regard, and no one else. Did your GP say what the blood test & x-ray were for? Unless I’ve missed out on something, they wouldn’t be used to diagnose a relapse. However, as the others have said the blood in your uring may be a sign of a urine infection, which could explain why you’re still feeling rubbish. So while it’s tempting to go it alone, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I would get a urine sample checked, and whenever you speak to any doctor get them to explain things as clearly as possible, and say why it is they’re suggesting any particular course of action.

Sorry you’re feeling rubbish though - I hope you get answers & help soon.