fed up

feeling really fed up 11 weeks into a relapse now and just had my letter from the hospital about seeing a nurolagist my appointment is not till May ! is this really the state of the nhs i could go private but my view of that was when i went private when i was first diagnosed in 1996 they just took the money said yes you have ms nothing we can do was not even kept on register my husband has a friend whos wife has ms and was diagnosed a year later than me and now goes to see the nuroligist every year and is on interferion so looks like i will have to wait i have two fears and hopes about that i will be 6 months into relapse by then if i still have this dam numbness around the waist and hot pains in legs or hopefully all this will be gone by then so will he be able to assess me anybody else had this dilema


My advice would be to get the number of the ms nurse at the hospital. Give them a ring and call your gp they can give you oral steroids to help with the relapse.

I see the neuro every six months but that is because im on avonex. I dont think anyone at the same hospital as me has regular opointments with the ms nurse tho.




i started relapse end of june 2012. got ‘emergency’ mri scan in nov. get results in may 2013.

wish i could say i am joking but its true…almost a year from start of relapse to knowing results-disgusting…meanwhile i still struggle to make myself understood verbally and can barely move the length of myself. *sigh. just as well i have patience!

ellie x