fed up!!

Hi all, I was diagnosed in Aug 14. I had to give up my job for health n safety reasons (falling all over the place) I have had 3 relapses in a year and I think I’m now have my 4th. All my symptoms in relapse are numbness. I was put on Avenox but I couldn’t hack it never slept once taken had hallucinations. I am waiting to start another drug at end of December. I’m so Fed up with it all. Applied for pip in sept still nothing, I’m living on pitence and xmas is weeks away. Argghhhhh

hi jacxs

what a baptism of fire you have had.

obviously i can’t say how it will be for you but 6 years after dx, i can tell you that it is constantly changing.

this year has been bad for me but last year was fabulous!

i say that because i went to a party that i didnt think i’s enjoy but fabulous was the first thing i thought of when asked how i was doing,

so join me in believing that next year will be fabulous!

as for christmas, bah humbug!!!

carole x


ive been diagnosed this year two and relapsed 3 times so know what if feels like.

firstly- had to give up your job? What job do you work in? That’s illegal. Under the disability discrimination act they have to make reasonable adjustments.

secondly. PIP can take 7 months to ck e through. If you speak to job centre plus there other benefits ü can claim if your not in work.

thirdly. What drug are you starting on and where are you based?

with that amount of relapses so soon maybe you need a more potent drug?

Chin up! It’s a tough life with MS but hopefully once it’s under control things will look lot better for you



As Carole says, you’ve been chucked in at the deep end with this. You’ve had loads to deal with, and that’s going to take its toll on your emotional well-being. Having places for emotional support are important. So getting some counselling or antidepressants are an option - speak to your GP about them. Having other places to share how your feeling will be good too, be that in a journal , on here, friends & family, or the MS Society helpline. Suppressing our emotions is rarely good for us. And neither is stress - things like mindfulness meditation or deep breathing exercises can really help with that (I’ve been practising mindfulness meditation for a few years now & it really helps me). Finding things to be thankful for, and making sure you do something everyday that nurtures your soul somehow, will no doubt be good too.

Hang on in there. Many of us have gone through similar things to you, and with time the storm will calm down, or at the very least you can learn to ride the waves better. You’re stronger than you think!

Take care of yourself.


I was diagnosed 7 years ago. I too had to give up work and took a 40% pay cut . I applied for DLA multiple times before I got it. As stated above… see if you can apply for other benefits from the JobCentre.

Hi pigpen, thanks for your message. I really do want to join you the thought that next year will be great. :wink:

Hi Dkingdom 1986x

I Worked in a GP practice, but had only been there 4 1/2 months so no rights really.

Yes I have been told pip can take a lifetime, Job centre have said I am not entitled to any other help. I have however got an appointment with CAB tomo so fingered something positive will come of it.

I live in Hertfordshire. I am optimistic that things will Get better soon :slight_smile:

The neuro wants to start me on Tecfidera at end of this month,so we shall see how this 1 Goes!!

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