Is it a relapse?

Hi everyone,

i was dx Feb this year, following a huge relapse in May last year which led to my diagnosis. I’ve been feeling pretty unwell for the past couple of weeks…feeling much more tired and weak than usual, especially weak in my legs, my little, ring and middle fingers on my right hand have got number than usual, and I’ve felt very ‘brain foggy’. I’m after some advice really as I don’t know whether it’s worth contacting my MS nurse or not? I have a history of putting things off, pretending it’s not happening and not wanting to bother doctors with my problems, and need to know what you all think? There’s no possibility of a UTI by the way as I had an appointment with the continence nurse on Monday and my urine was tested then.

thanks for reading :slight_smile: x

It might be :frowning:

Its also possible its a flare up symptons caused by an infecton

I would speak to your MS nurse asap.