Fed up

So I posted 10 days ago that i was having blurred vision on/off which has resolved spontaneously. Just a few days ago I developed uti symptoms which my GP gave me antibiotics for ( just finished them today). Today I have woke up with a dull ache in the back of head and neck. BOth my arms feel heavy, It feels like the aftermath of lifting heavy weights in the gym, it’s a struggle to raise them above shoulder length for any length of time. Is it possible all these symptoms are linked to infection causing these? Is it a relapse? Never know what to do, don’t want to assume it MS related but how will I know if it is???

A uti can raise your temp and also make you feel rank. This can result in an exacerbation of your symptoms. As to blurred vision i get this worse when I am over warm. Uhtoffs. So i try and keep as cool as I can and it does help.

I am not a doctor but would say from what your saying this his is more like an exacerbation of your MS but if in doubt contact your MS team tomorrow or if worried ring 111.

we never know its related but after 20 years of having it you tend to realise what is real and what is worrying. HUGS. xxxxx

as to your analogy of heavy weights in the gym i wouldnt know about that as i have never been in a gym in my life lol. xx

Thanks Crazy chick, I’ve only been diagnosed 2 years & recently I have felt it’s just one thing after another. But Tomorrow is a new day. I have a couple of days off now from work so planning to take it easy and hope I feel better after some me time x

I am glad you have a few days off. Just rest PJ on do nothing if you can and chill out and binge watch something lol. xxxx Bridgerton on netflix is ace lol. x


I had a bad ‘do’ a couple of weeks ago and finished my course of antibiotics last Wednesday and it has certainly taken me until now (Monday) to feel that now back up to my fighting weight.
So give yourself a few days to readjust