Quick question regarding relapses - how do you know if you’re having one? For example the last few weeks I’ve had a flare up of dizziness and shooting nerve pain through my head to my arm. It’s on and off dizzy spells throughout the day. This was my original symptoms that I suffered with - is this classed as a relapse or does it have to be a new condition to be called a relapse?

AFAIK, a relapse is any symptoms that last more than 24 hours. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had those symptoms before. My last two relapses had very similar symptoms to each other - weakness, inability to judge distances, inability to control hands (that made typing difficult - a real problem when you need to type).

If your symptoms have been going on for several weeks, it sounds like a relapse to me. Get in touch with your MS nurse and/or your neuro.

It’s worth going to the gp about to see if there’s anything else that could be causing it - ie you could have a virus kicking around which can cause a flare up of symptoms or bladder/ urine infections etc. I had a few dizzy spells and was a bit concerned over a relapse as that’s how my original symptoms started a year ago but turned out I had an infection in my system which was causing the symptoms - pseudo relapse I think they called it (can’t remember if that was the right wording). So definitely worth getting checked out. Other people maybe able to advise better on this but I’m pretty sure that if you’ve got something else going on it can exasperate symptoms or cause a pseudo relapse - rizzo is probably the best person to advise as she’s very knowledgable on all ms things