Relapse ?

Hi my name is kye and I was told I have ms nearly 3 years ago now. The first year I had 3 relapses but to me it was one big one. I have asked me care team for information on what a relapse is but all I get is anything that lasts longer than twenty four hours but everything does so I what to know if I had a relapse this month as I had shooting pains in my arms and my fingers hurt like they have been bent back for 6 days and I feel like I have had to much coffee or a strong stimulant . very confused and want to scream. Thank you

Hi Not sure if I can help to much but thought I would try. It is difficult to decide what are considered symptoms and what is a relapse. There are publications on this website that cover lots of MS issues one of which is specifically for relapses. My understanding is sort of as you describe. A relapse is either a repeat of previous symptoms or a new symptom that lasts more than 24 hours. It gets confusing when you have left over symptoms from a previous relapse. It is considered a new relapse when there is a break of more than a month, I think, between symptoms ending and new ones starting again. Like you say though it can feel like they merge into one big relapse when there are left over symptoms. It is the left over symptoms which you collect and gradually build up that lead to disability. How do you decide whether it is just symptoms or start of a new relapse? I am not to sure. I find that a bit tricky to decide as well, having been dx only 2 years ago myself. Hope that helps a little…or the publication the MS society provides does. Mish x

if you read about and are still not sure if it is a symptom or a relapse try joining a group talk and ask other people with the same symptoms as you

Hi mish, I’m 2years to, and I make you right very confusing, people talk like they go back to near normal after a relapse? Iv never experienced that, just got slowly worse, still waiting for the remitting part, am I going to have a long wait. Lol been on steroid for 4 days now, still tripping on a pencil line.

Hi No, I have never gone back to ‘normal’ although friends and family might say that I have always been ‘special’! Lol When I had my biggest relapse I lost my ability to write completely and it took seven months to come back. Even now it is very spider like some days, bit tricky when teaching hand writing to children! However, for me, it did improve just never went back to where I was before. I can’t do so much now, that I used to be able to do. Very frustrating! Hope steroids help you recover more quickly from the worst of it this time. When things take so long to recover it is tricky to spot the ‘remitting’ bit, especially when so many things decide to stay for good! Fingers crossed. Mish x