Relapse ?

Hi my name is kye and I was told I have ms nearly 3 years ago now. The first year I had 3 relapses but to me it was one big one. I have asked me care team for information on what a relapse is but all I get is anything that lasts longer than twenty four hours but everything does so I what to know if I had a relapse this month as I had shooting pains in my arms and my fingers hurt like they have been bent back for 6 days and I feel like I have had to much coffee or a strong stimulant . very confused and want to scream. Thank you

Just scream it will make you feel better it always helps me husband not keen on it though .I realy dont know what counts as a relapse strange sensations happen to me all the time and last for hours sometimes days and i suppose its only when some thing really bothers me and i go and see doc and he says it could be a relapse, i dont think he is sure himself. Try not too stress too much about it and perhaps you can disscuse with neuro about going on some DMD to help you . Take care Katy

I’m on tysabri have been for 2 years but I can’t talk to my care team they don’t like talking about ms but will talk about my ecig or how I’m old as I don’t listen to radio 1 but every time I ask about ms I’m wasting their time. That is why I have turned to here as I dont know where to get help I feel really let down