Intermittent dizzy spells?

Hi everyone hope you’re okay. Need some advice from you all. I had a uti, chest infection and sinus infection a few weeks back (I know triple whammy right!). I was given antibiotics but only a weeks worth. I’m pretty sure that my uti hasn’t cleared up and I need to go back to the doctors for another sample. I’ve had intermittent dizzy spells for the past couple of weeks - kind of difficult to explain but they stop me in my tracks and last for only a few seconds to a minute - almost like its one of my lesions messing around. Anyone else had this and if so was it due to uti? Thanks everyone

I get these if I overdo things. I had one on Sunday when I had been vacuuming for half an hour. As soon as I straightened up the whole room was spinning and I had to sit down before I fell down. 30 seconds later it was all over. Sometimes I don’t even have to be bending to bring them on, they just happen. It’s always just before or during a relapse. Yours may well be due to a uti, perhaps you should get it checked out. Sorry I can’t be any more help. They are horrible. I once had dizziness that lasted for 8 hours and I don’t know how people cope when they get it for weeks because I felt absolutely dreadful.

Tracey x

Wow - sounds like you have had it rough. Hope you are feeling a bit better. I get odd dizzy spells. I get a weird cold sensation followed by a few seconds where I feel spaced and light headed. Only lasts a few seconds and can be days between episodes.

Yes I get them, lasting only a few seconds, everything swims for a bit and then settles down as quickly as it came on. Mine are usually just before or during a relapse. They happen very rarely when I am in remission. The worst one ever lasted for 8 hours and I don’t know how others cope when they last for weeks because that was one of my worst days ever :frowning:

Tracey x

Do you think it could be the urine infection that’s causing them?

Quite possibly, as this is easy enough to check why not drop in a sample at your surgery and get them to check it for you? At least it would put your mind at rest

Tracey x

I put a sample in on Friday and had to drop another off this morning so that they can send it off to the lab- quite knows why they didn’t just send the one on Friday off to the lab!! Doctors hey!

Tell me about it! My surgery is useless and there isn’t another one in town :frowning:

Hi, last year I was having regular dizzy does in a morning around 11am. Doc said to swap one of my bp tablets to night worked.

Then this year, same was happening again and she told me to cut one of the bp tablets out altogether. It did the trick.

Sometimes it happens and i eat a bit of fruit and it goes away…sugar level drop perchance?

Now, may I ask if you could be approaching the good old menopause?

I also have the dizzies and nausea due to that…and I can tell the difference …but it is happening less and less…I should hope so after 10 long years…

luv Pollx

Now then Poll I’m only 32! So nope not menopause - although I am on a men -o-pause! :slight_smile: Don’t think it’s my sugar levels as got sugar levels and bp tested not long ago. Gp phoned me this afternoon and have prescribed some antibiotics for a week - they’ve sent off the sample to the labs but seeing as the first dip test showed something wasn’t right and the fact that I’m having symptoms they decided it was a good idea to be proactive and treat it- which I’m glad of as I know it didn’t clear up previously - no wonder really seeing as they only gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics previously and that was supposed to clear a uti, sinus infection and chest infection all at one to somebody with an autoimmune condition! Are the doctors crazy!



I’ll let you off poll :slight_smile:

I’ve only resently been diagnosised with MS, so I don’t really know what’s a relapse and what isn’t. But I keep going really dizzy/light headed at the moment - as though my BP has suddenly dropped. It started just very occasionally, only when going from sitting to standing, and only lasting a few moments, but now it lasts a lot lot longer, can occur at any point, and is far more frequent. Along with it, my legs, particularly my right leg, become like a dead weight, and I have no control over them. Up until now, this bit has been very minimal, but just a moment ago I popped outside to get something, and as I was walking back in I thought I was going to go over. Does any of this sound familiar + is this likely to be the MS?

I’ve only just had my neurologist appointment and am not due back for 6 months, so if it is, then any advice on what to do (am also a student nurse in the middle of a very busy placement!!)

Many thanks