Am I relapsing again???

Can anyone help? I have been suffering from a major relapse since October, where I went from completely fine to not being able to walk very quickly, I have since had 3 courses of steriods and have only recently started to feel like I’m on the mend - being able to walk short distances without the aid of a stick, but then this week i caught a sickness bug and I feel like I’ve taken a major step backwards - my walking has got worse since the bug and both legs just feel so tired and heavy! Am I relapsing again or could this just been a minor side effect of the bug and I need to give it a few days to get out of my system? Can anyone advise? Thank you so much, really hope I’m not relapsing as i am due to return to work next week after being off for best part of 4 mths and really looking forward to getting back! Liana


It does sound like your having pseudo symptoms. It means when you get a virus/bug your immune system is under stress and your core body temp has changed, making symptoms flare up.

Hopefully it will pass when the virus has gone, but keep an eye on it. If it gets worse its a call to ms nurse or gp.



Darren is right, its pseudo symptoms due to the bug youve caught. I had similar last year and early this year where I felt I was going downhill only to find its some kind of cold lurking in the background?

If you were getting better and now this has hit you like a bolt out of the blue, its more likely the bug than ms, so try stay the course and then take off from where you got before, I assure you, youll be able to carry on once your bug free.



Hi Darren and Bren, thank you for your replies I do hope that is the case, I really thought I was getting somewhere until this bug hit me! I will look forward to getting back on track again soon x

so has this been still going-on as of this writing? if so, i suggest or i guess you have already done it to check-in a hospital like a month’s time for proper monitoring of your health. it’s very risky and dangerous if your alone and that will happen that relapse will attack you again. take care always, okay.

My walking and balance is still poor, I am now feeling fine and clear of the sickness bug but stressing that my walking has taken a step backwards just as I thought i was starting to improve! I have spoken to my nurse and she too thinks it is down to the bug and that as my body recovers from the bug my walking should pick up again too! I so hope it does. On top of this i was due to collect my mobility car yesterday, only to get myself to the garage to be told their taxing system was down so they couldn’t do the hand over. I’m sure they look at it as just another sale, but for me/us it is a life line it will enable me to get out of the house and no longer be house bound! Typical really, so now I’m chasing the garage and waiting yet again for them to call me back to see when I can collect the car! Liana :slight_smile: