Hi all Does anyone suffer from, cold/flu symptoms And sickness regularly? Is it another side effect of MS and low immune system?

I take 3,000mgs of vit c every day whichs stops me getting colds I sometimes get a cold in winter but it won’t last long.

Hi Lina ginger,

I suffer from cold/flu symptoms and nausea (not actual sickness) on a regular basis (sometimes daily) but I put it down to a bit of a mix of me having MS (PPMS), Fibromyalgia and being so Fatigued most of the time. I try to get through it by resting plenty, eating regular small amounts and keeping hydrated.

I think a number of people do suffer with it so it could be due to MS and having a low Immune System.

Might be a good idea to make a note of it when it happens, how long it lasts for and if there could be any triggers i.e. if you might of been stressed or over done things maybe and then you can show this when you see your MS Nurse, Consultant or Doctor.

I hope this helps in some way.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Lina ginger,

Always have a runny nose but don’t think it’s connected with my MS.

It’s highly recommended that we have the flu vaccination every year. I get it and have never had flu.

Reminds me, this years call up will be soon, usually end of September.

Keep well.


Hi Lina Ginger. I can associate with those symptoms. Feels like that there is a flu bug waiting to explode. Can’t shake it off, no matter what.

Hi I’m new to this forum. Posted my first comment 1 week ago. Just recovered from a uti infection. Feeling flu symptoms every other day. Shivers and really painful lower back. Am I alone in this flu merry go round?

Hi Bonniescotland,

Welcome to the forum.

You’ll find lots of lovely people on here that can offer you plenty of support and advice.

There have been a number of posts on here referring to UTIs so if you put UTI in the search box at the top right of this page hopefully you’ll find some advice from them, sorry but I don’t know much about them.

I don’t think you’re alone with your Flu Merry Go Round as I know a number of people on here say the same thing, I’ve got Fibromyalgia as well as PPMS so I feel like that a lot of the time :frowning:

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Bonniescotland

With those symptoms you need to be reviewed by your GP to see if your UTI has in fact gone; you don’t want to leave an infection to potentially travel up to the kidneys.

best wishes

Twinkle toes and Harebell…thank you so much for the warm welcome. I’ve just found this site. I’ll make another gp appt, hopefully this year:).

Hi everyone sorry for the late reply. Thankyou for all your messages. All that you all have suggested I do and take. More sleep would help, but I struggle with that. Looks like I. Not the only one! Thankyou for the reminder,about the flu jabs. I hope everyone is happy and had a good weekend and take care xx

Hi Lina,

Reading this as I am off work with a heavy cold and a cough!! Have never been off for a cold before but my body just won’t work. Had to come down the stairs on my bum!

I work in a School , must be a record catching something in the first week back. When I was diagnosed 20 years ago my neurologist told me not to work with children because of all the infections they get!

Stay well