PPMS and flu

Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with PPMS 2 years ago and it has affected my left leg and arm majorly. I never used to catch the flu or have a cold but the last couple of months i keep getting a sore throat or i have a runny nose. This is really worrying me, is it normal for people with PPMS to have these symptoms? Is a sign of progression? I thought people with PPMS don’t catch the flu due to the immune system being active but im worried i may be wrong. Ive had 2 MRI scans in the last year and there was no new lesions in my brain, but now im worried this may be a sign of progression and there may be new lesiobs. Im worried to have another MRI scan :frowning:

looking forward to your replies. Thank you xx

Hi there Ezz. Colds are common & trouble with PPMS, because the immune system is messed up. My personal solution has been keeping a stable temperature & buying extra jars of honey. Boost those fruity acids, with some lemon & lime. Green tea has proven good for me too. All the best out there & don’t worry too much about things getting worse. Worrying will not help at all. It causes problems. Enjoy this cracking weather & get plenty of fresh air. We need the sun, but not the heat. A few trips around the local park will do you the world of good. Terry

I’m with Terry:)

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I’m with Terry too, but you also qualify for free flu jabs with ms. They’ve evolved a lot over the years and I never miss one now. I’ve only had 2 colds in the past few years too. I avoid anyone with symptoms though. I’ve found I’m a bit more susceptible to hay fever than I was prior to ms, may be something to consider as that’s affected by immune system.


Hi Cath

That’s interesting what you say about hayfever, I only ever found this to be a problem in the last couple of years, never had it before.

Hope your doing ok.

Pam x

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I was fine about hayfever never a problem, then I lived in the US for a few years and had a bout of hayfever their plants are a little different, and when I came home I had hayfever every year. I know take antihistamines year round and feel great, only feel bunged up when there is a lot of hayfever around.

Hi Pam, nice to hear from you, hope you’re well.

I’ve only been affected by hay fever these last few years too. I used to go walking in the woods and lanes all the time with my daughter, we live in a very rural area surrounded by fields and never had a sniffle. I was also diagnosed with Coeliac disease a few years ago.

The immune system is a very complex and frustrating thing!!


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We’re entitled to a flu jab each year. As my sole carer my husband is entitled to one too but doesn’t want it… after the last four winters, he’s finally discussed this with his GP as he’s had rotten flu and I’ve had a few sniffles. I think ‘compromised immunity’ covers it well, I try not to have my body needing to attack anything, in case it frazzles my nerves any worse than usual Sonia x