Having a cold

Hi everyone,

Currently dealing with my first crappy cold since diagnosis and am looking for reassurance really. Feeling very anxious that it will trigger a relapse. I’ve been fretting over every little twinge since and feeling very sorry for myself! Would love to hear how others have managed and (hopefully) got over minor sniffles, which is really all this is, without it having consequences for their ms.


Charlotte X

Having a cold won’t trigger a relapse.I have had a relapse 6 week after the flu but never after a normal cold.You can feel a bit run down with a cold, but people without MS can too.So you will be fine.

hi i don’t get relapses as i have PPMS. BUT i think i can reassure you with this. You wont have a relapse, if you have a mild temp you may have a small exacerbation of symptoms. with a cold its best to rest, keep well hydrated and let it work its way through. Eat lots of high vit C fruit and veg too which helps.

hope you feel better soon. x HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

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Thank you both, really reassuring to hear x

Yes, i agree. Colds have never triggered a relapse with me in 15 years. Get well soon. Katy

I have a cold right now, and it’s irritating as h*ll, but it’s not causing any more problems for me than it would a non-MSer.

I have had a couple of colds since diagnosis. They can make ms symptoms seem worse but you needn’t worry about a relapse. Take immune system boosting foods - garlic, red peppers, green tea etc