Illness advice

I am coming down with sore throat/ cold…clearly not ms related but wondered if anyone could advise if illness tends to lead to ms relapse?

An infection can trigger an aggravation of previous symptoms - usually known as a “pseudo relapse”. Usually these will abate auite quickly when the in fection does but it is possible that there may be more long term effects.

I was told if your core body temperature gets too high it’s possible this could lead to a relapse, so keep an eye on reaction to heat, a high temperature if poorly etc.

I seem to remember you haven’t yet been diagnosed nor on any medication. Has this changed now? Do you have a firm diagnosis?

Still in limbo…have the symptoms plus lesions in brain and spine but cant prove difference in time so no diagnosis or treatment but neuro talks to me as having ms so slightly confusing…he referred me to ms nurse, lp and further mri in 6 months before an apt where i suspect he will say defo ms…