Infections affecting symptoms


I was wondering if anyone could help. In the last 2 weeks I have had a chest infection and now have a throat infection. On both occasions my symptoms seem to flare up. My legs become extremely weak, spasms/odd sensations become worse, all my balance and coordination are affected.

Is this is normal thing when Ill?

Thank you


Hi when ever I get a bug or am not feeling 100% all my symptoms are more noticeable and present like my vision is rubbish I get a pain in my left eye and numbness and pins and needles are back. I think this is normal for a lot of people but don’t quote me

‘Normal’ Rose!! What is normal about ms

I think any sort of infection will exasperate ms symptoms. It is important to avoid colds etc.

Have you seen your gp-you may need a course of antibiotics.

Take care x

You must see your GP and discuss antibiotics. You could phone NHS 111 anytime too.

infections can cause a pseudo relapse.

see your gp asap

carole x

I find any infection aggravates my symptoms, particularly if I have a high temperature

Thanks everyone for the replies. I have seen my gp twice had a course of antibiotics the first time and now an antibiotic mouthwash. This is the first time since diagnosis that I have been ill. I thought I was having a relapse but I think it’s all linked to the infection. Thanks again for replies Rose

My neuro told me the simple explanation.

Infections raise your core body temperature. As we all know from being in a hot place, room, bath, etc - core body increases bring back previous relapse symptoms.

You can try to lower your body temperature. Ibuprofen does this. Ice packs, fans, spray mists, etc.

Infections can give trigger pseudo relapses (infection at same time as relapse). But infections can also trigger relapses and the window for a relapse can be up to eight weeks after an infection.